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Distinguished Lecturer - Rui Luis Aguiar

Rui Luis Aguiar

Rui Luis A Aguiar (S’88, M’90)  born in Porto, Portugal, Aguiar received his degree in telecommunication engineering in 1990 and his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering in 2001 from the University of Aveiro. He is currently a Full Professor at the University of Aveiro, responsible for the networking area. He has taken positions as adjunct professor at the INI, Carnegie Mellon University and as a Visiting Research Scholar at Universidade Federal de Uberlândia, Brazil. He is coordinating a research line nationwide in Instituto de Telecomunicações, on the area of Networks and Multimedia, is leading the Technological Platform on Connected Communities, a regional cross-disciplinary industry-oriented activity on smart environments. He is now the Chair of the European ETP Networks!2020, aggregating 5G research in Europe.

His current research interests are centered on new communication systems, with special emphasis on 5G networks and Future Internet. He has more than 400 published papers in those areas and has served as technical and general chair of several conferences, from IEEE, ACM and IFIP. He hold positions on the TPC of many major IEEE ComSoc conferences. He is associated editor of Wiley’s ETT, Springers’ Wireless Networks and of the recently launched Elsevier’s ICT Express.

  • An overview of 5G network research
  • 10 years of Future Internet research: where do we stand?
  • Reconsidering management challenges in chaotic telecommunication environments
  • Questioning Quality of Service in telecommunications today
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