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Education & Training

Educational Resources for Students and Professionals

IEEE ComSoc provides the resources and tools for lifelong learning about communications technology.  Programs introduce young people to communications engineering, help university level students to enhance their formal learning experiences, and support practicing professionals in staying up to date on the most current topics in this field.

Educational Resources

Continuing Education and Career Resources

Advance your communications technology career. IEEE ComSoc offers a comprehensive suite of resources and tools that give you what you need, when you need it. 

Direct your own learning on your schedule, with a range of options from an hour of just-in-time education to several days of intensive training. Our content is developed and delivered by leading experts in academia, research, and industry and addresses cutting-edge developments in the field as well as deeper dives into a variety of disciplines within communications technology. A comprehensive set of career resources helps you navigate next steps and achieve your goals.

  • Live, in-person training courses for the in-depth training you need to boost your career
  • On-demand training, including live and on-demand webcasts, webinars, tutorials, and learning modules
  • A media center with original video content from ComSoc's events
  • Technically-focused whitepapers
  • Learn about current and upcoming learning and career opportunities in the Educational Activities newsletter
  • Career resources to help you navigate and get ahead.

Obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs) / Professional Development Hours (PDHs) as you receive the in-depth training you need to boost your career. Choose from options tailored to busy professional schedules and distinct learning modalities.

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University Students

University Students

Enhance your educational experience. IEEE ComSoc student learning connects you to leaders in communications technology education, research, and industry. 

Gain access to the work of the field’s foremost researchers, connect with professionals applying cutting-edge technology to real-world complexities, and obtain insight from highly respected professors from around the world. Go deeper into disciplines in which you are interested, and explore areas you may not have considered.

Easily tailored to fit your interests and schedule, offerings include live and recorded training, a video library, the comprehensive and interactive ComSoc School Series in-person and virtual events, and live coursework ranging from introductory sessions to advanced topics. 

IEEE ComSoc School Series
Kickstart a new career, Ph.D. candidacy, or research


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Pre-University Education

Discover the amazing world of communications technology. Whether it’s the Internet of Things, the evolution of 6G wireless technology, or artificial intelligence, professionals in the field are changing lives and making the world a better, more interconnected place. 

IEEE ComSoc resources help K-12 students, teachers, and parents understand the depth and range of topics that encompasses communications technology and explore the many career options available under the communications technology umbrella.  

Our members include students as well as distinguished leaders in research, education, and industry.  Through live webinars, online resources, and opportunities for hands-on learning, young students can explore various technologies that play important roles in our everyday lives and in our future experiences.  Learn about the wide variety of disciplines and areas of study that can lead to an exciting and fulfilling career as a communications engineer. Get inspired by transformative new technologies and the ways they are making a difference in the world. Programs help to spark the imagination of the next generation of engineers.

ComSoc Education Programs are supported through the leadership of the ComSoc Educational Services Board Members.