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Education & Training

Intensive Learning and Networking

The IEEE ComSoc Autumn School is designed to help kick-start the careers of new professionals, Ph.D. candidates, and researchers in wireless communications. This edition will be held on 5 - 8 November 2019 at Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions, Barcelona, Spain. It consists of lectures by world leading professors, industry leaders and executives. The event features a highly interactive classroom environment with an intense focus on learning the cutting-edge trends in communications technology, as well as laboratory tours, demonstrations, hands-on workshops and networking activities.

To further enhance the education of IEEE ComSoc’s young professionals, Ph.D. students, and recent graduates studying in the field of communications technology, we provide educational opportunities free of cost through IEEE ComSoc’s Autumn School program. Seats in the Autumn school are limited and availability runs out fast.

This school´s program will focus on applications in specific industries including 5G cellular wireless networks, network slicing, data analytics, data-driven communication, Software Defined Networks (SDN), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), vertical applications. The deadline for applications is 30 August 2019.


Eligibility Requirements

Participants in our Summer School program must:

  • be an IEEE Communications Society Student or Graduate Student Member
  • be an early-career professional, Ph.D. student, or academic researcher
  • not have previously attended a Summer School
  • be proficient in spoken and written English

In addition, application to the Summer School requires a brief reference from the applicant’s thesis advisor or manager.

Please note: As a U.S. based organization, IEEE must comply with applicable U.S. government regulations that may affect an applicant’s eligibility to participate in these events. For more information please visit IEEE OFAC Sanctions Programs and/or contact your event organizer.

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