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Education & Training

Since 2015, the IEEE Communications Society has hosted an official international school series event each year where student members receive hands-on experience with the latest technological developments in key areas of communications.

The IEEE ComSoc School Series is designed for ComSoc student members who study communications and related areas. The ComSoc School Series program covers fundamental, advanced and hot topics in communications and features lectures by international experts, poster presentations, site visits, and hands-on demos.  The typical duration of an in-person IEEE ComSoc School Series event is 4 to 5 days, with virtual (online only) events lasting about 3 days.

For the 2022 IEEE ComSoc School Series events, we need your help in deciding on locations (for in-person / hybrid events), dates, and programs.

We invite you to submit a proposal, which should be no more than five pages and include the following:

  • The name and contact details of the main organizer.
  • Whether this is an in-person, virtual (online only), or hybrid (in-person + online) event
  • The motivation for the location and the venue (if in-person or hybrid).
  • The dates chosen (2 possible one-week periods should be included in the submitted proposals)
  •  A brief description of the project, its aims and proposed format (number of lectures, technical visits, hands-on sessions, etc.).  Please include a description of how the program will benefit the student.  For in-person events, hands-on opportunities for students are highly encouraged. 
  • The proposed dissemination strategy and international outreach of the event.  Include an approximate number of students you would like to have participate.
  • A list of organization committee members and their roles.
  • A list of proposed speakers.
  • Confirmed and/or proposed funding or external sponsorships.  Note that ComSoc does provide funding for these events.  Typically most of the ComSoc funding for in-person or hybrid events is allocated to support student participation, such as expenses associated with the venue, food and beverage, student accommodation, and travel.  ComSoc funds cannot be used for speaker honorarium.
  • Any additional comments.

Call for proposals is now closed.

Results of proposal selection process will be distributed by 30 September 2021.  The ComSoc Educational Services Board may request additional information before final approval is given on proposals.

The IEEE Communications Society will provide funding to the extent available (approximately $5,000-$20,000 per event), to support the event (typically, virtual / online only events are significantly less costly than in-person/hybrid events). However, securing additional funding or sponsorships is extremely useful for ensuring success, and the IEEE Communications Society encourages organizers to include suggestions to that end in the proposal.