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Education & Training

Since 2015, the IEEE Communications Society has hosted an official international school series event each year where student members can participate in unique experiences to learn about the latest technological developments in key areas of communications.

The IEEE ComSoc School Series is designed exclusively for ComSoc student members and features lectures by international experts, poster presentations, site visits, and hands-on demos on a range of fundamental to advanced and hot topics in communications. The typical duration of an IEEE ComSoc School Series event is 3 to 5 days and can be either in-person or virtual (online only).

Submission Due Dates

For 2025 Event Proposals: Deadline to submit proposals for 2025 events is 31 August 2024.  Please note that one event for 2025 has already been approved to take place in Columbia in March 2025. It would be preferable for other 2025 events to take place any time after June 2025.

For 2026 Event Proposals: Proposals for 2026 events will be accepted at this time and may also be submitted by the 31 August 2024 deadline.  However, the Educational Services Board will continue to consider 2026 event proposals beyond that date. Please note that due to limited funding, early submission of your 2026 event proposal is encouraged. 

Proposal Submission Form: Please use the proposal guide to create your proposal and include as much information as possible. You can provide your answers directly within this guide or create your own document. Download MS Word or PDF version.

Call for proposals is now open.

Submit Your Proposal

Proposal Submission Deadline: 31 August 2024

Results of proposal selection process will be distributed by October / November (or sooner).  The ComSoc Educational Services Board may request additional information before final approval is given on proposals.

The IEEE Communications Society will provide funding to the extent available (up to approximately US$30,000 per in-person event and US$5000 per virtual event), to support the event (typically, virtual / online only events are significantly less costly than in-person events). However, securing additional funding or sponsorships is extremely useful for ensuring success, and the IEEE Communications Society encourages organizers to include suggestions to that end in the proposal.  Please note that funds are NOT transferred to the organizing committee if your event is selected.  Organizers work with ComSoc staff to make formal arrangements and contracts with service providers / suppliers.  Funds are paid directly from ComSoc to the suppliers or paid via travel reimbursement to participants and speakers.

Examples of Past Programs

See examples of other ComSoc School Series Programs and videos from those events on our Past Events web page.  Be sure to check out the past events or contact us if you have questions about the proposal process.