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Why Certification Matters for Your Employees

The IEEE WCET™ Certification Program was specifically designed by the IEEE Communications Society to address the worldwide wireless industry's growing and ever-evolving need for qualified communications professionals who can demonstrate practical problem-solving skills in real-world situations.

By way of this globally recognized and vendor-neutral certification, employers will have a new:

  • Means to select individuals for wireless engineering positions and projects.
  • Tool for measuring an individual's ability to meet wireless challenges in numerous industry, business, corporate, and organizational settings.
  • Resource to help their business leaders master all aspects of wireless engineering technology for today's ever-growing vertical and horizontal integrations.
  • Opportunity to prepare for tomorrow's successes and contribute towards your business’s sustained success.
  • Way to recognize wireless communications professional staff for their expertise with a globally recognized credential.

The certification exam consists of 150 multiple-choice questions encompassing the wireless areas of RF engineering, propagation and antennas; access technologies; network and service architecture; network management and security; facilities infrastructure; agreements, standards, policies and regulations; and fundamental knowledge.

Help your employees stay ahead of the curve. Support their continuing education and growth. Encourage them to get IEEE WCET™ certified. Learn more about corporate partnerships.

One of the primary reasons why I pursued the exam was for personal satisfaction. I wanted to demonstrate my commitment to wireless engineering and WCET has helped in more ways than I can imagine. It has also created a clear differentiator for me professionally and has helped me become a well-rounded wireless professional.
Deepak Nadig IEEE WCP, SOLUTT Corporation, Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Benefits for Employers

The certification program is expansive in scope and not based on a specific company's approach. Engineers earning certification will have demonstrated a thorough understanding of different key technologies in the wireless arena, local market implications of wireless communications, and new technology/standards development.

Professionals from companies such as Telefonica Espana, Telstra Australia, Tata Consultancy Services, Ltd., Mumbai, Bell Mobility, Canada, Boeing, and BT (formerly British Telecom) to name a few have shared their insights on why WECT certification is so important.

The greatest benefit of having the IEEE WCP credential, is that it helps one to stand-out among peers and facilitates career progression. To be recognized as a professional in the field of wireless.
Tonna Aguolu IEEE WCP, BP Oil International Ltd., London, UK

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