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Education & Training

A collection of helpful information such as webinar recordings, websites, guidance for activities and working with children, and program templates and examples to support Pre-University STEM education.

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The web page provides easy access to pre-university resources that focus on communications and networking technologies. To help better navigate all of the resources that ComSoc has to offer for Pre-University STEM education, TryEngineering has launched this web page to help students, teachers, parents and volunteers find all of the Tryengineering telecommunications-themed resources in a one stop shop.

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TryEngineering Tuesday Webinars

This webinar series helps students to explore, engage, and get inspired about STEM fields.  In this section, we are highlighting the ComSoc sponsored webinars.

Wi-Fi and IEEE 802.11 Standard

In this webinar from 18 October 2022, Dr. Shahrnaz Azizi, Principal Engineer in the Connected System Lab at Intel Corporation, shared her work with IEEE 802.11 Standard, which is particular to the specifications set for Wi-Fi. As wireless communications emerge and evolve, the standards to which these technologies will be held will also need to evolve.

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The Metaverse: How Communications Engineering is Shaping Our Future

In this webinar from July 2022, Dr. Frank Fitzek, Professor and head of the “Deutsche Telekom Chair of Communication Networks” at TU Dresden discussed the potential of the Metaverse for future use cases beyond pure advertising. Applications such as immersive learning or interaction with cyber physical systems are highly interesting but require new technologies such as sensors and actuators to interact in the virtual world.

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Extended Reality and 5G TryEngineering Tuesday Webinar PLUS Resources

In this webinar from April 2022, Dr. Lola Awoniyi-Oteri, Principal Systems Research & Development Engineer within the Qualcomm Research organization shared her work in extended reality and 5G, discussing how extended reality (Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality) works and how 5G supports these applications.

View the recording and resources.

5G TryEngineering Tuesday Recording PLUS Supporting Resources

In this webinar from November 2021, Tao Han an Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) and an IEEE Senior Member, shared his work in 5G systems and how you can help students explore, engage, and get inspired about the different technologies that allow for 5G to exist!

View the recording and resources.


Resource Catalog

Information to support Pre-University STEM education activities.  Explore these resources to learn more about how to get engaged in Pre-University / STEM activities and what is currently available to support education in this area.

Inspire Pre-University STEM Students Using Communications Technology Webinar Recording

In this webinar recording, you will learn about the resources that are available to help you with organizing a local Pre-University STEM activity.  Hear from volunteers who have organized past events and learn their recommendations to support a successful activity. Watch this webinar (approximately 1 hour in length).

TryEngineering Program

Website created by IEEE that features resources for students, teachers, parents and volunteers focusing on STEM educational opportunities.

IEEE Guide to Working with Children

IEEE is committed to providing an enriching experience and safe environment for all children participating in IEEE activities and programs.

Volunteer Opportunities

IEEE’s website that supports volunteers who are interested in or are currently organizing Pre-University activities.


Share Your Events and Activities

Have a Pre-University / STEM Education Program that you’d like to tell ComSoc about?  Please complete this form to submit your program information to the ComSoc Educational Services Board.