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Published: 22 May 2017

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Volunteer and Help Your Career

The IEEE WCET Certification Program recognizes the value of volunteering as an important component of IEEE WCPs’ professional development.  This is evident in the program as in the process to renew one’s IEEE WCET Certification; PDUs (professional development units) are earned for volunteering in areas related to wireless communications activities.

A 2016 Deloitte study noted in a 2016 Fortune article stated that “Volunteering may also help to better position you to be offered a job over someone without volunteer experience.  People who’ve put their professional skills to work for free…have a slightly bigger edge with hiring managers, Deloitte found, than those whose volunteer work was unrelated to their roles at work.”  The article goes on to explain that “About 85% of the job interviewers said skills-based activities made candidates better at communicating, and 88% praised those applicants’ ‘strong character.’”

IEEE ComSoc offers numerous opportunities to apply your professional skills through volunteer activities.  Here are just a few current opportunities to get you started:

Local ComSoc ChaptersFind an IEEE ComSoc Chapter in your Region, contact the local officers and ask how you can get involved.

Distinguished Lecturer: Nominate yourself to serve as a Distinguished Lecturer from January 1, 2018 - December 31, 2019.  Nomination form is due by September 30, 2017. An individual is eligible to serve as a ComSoc Distinguished Lecturer provided s/he is i) a Senior member of IEEE or higher, and ii) a member of ComSoc.

Standards Development: Join a working group involved in the development of an IEEE Standard in the area of communications.

Committee Activities:  Find a ComSoc committee of interest and reach out to the officers to offer your assistance.  Technical Committees are established to promote and achieve the technical objectives of the society. Standing Committees are established and dissolved through resolutions approved by the BoG. Ad Hoc Committees may also be established and dissolved through resolutions approved by the BoG.

Conference Participation:  If you are interested in getting involved in one of ComSoc’s portfolio events there are a number of volunteer positions are available.

Publications Editor:  Are you enthusiastic? Have you performed quality reviews for technical periodicals?  Demonstrated solid technical accomplishments? Have a reputation for high ethical standards and for reliability?  The IEEE Communications Society is looking for volunteers who are interested in becoming part of a prestigious Communications Society magazine and journal editorial boards.

Applications Now Being Accepted for Fall IEEE WCET™ Exam Window

Your last chance to sit for the IEEE WCET Certification Exam is during the Fall testing window, which takes place from 25 September to 21 October 2017.  Applications are now being accepted through 8 September 2017.  To help you prepare for the upcoming exam, ComSoc Training has created a special 2 for 1 Deal which includes a seat in the September 4 Day Intensive Wireless Training Course PLUS a seat in the Fall 2017 WCET Exam at a discounted price.  Included in that package is the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge (WEBOK), 2ndEdition, which is a valuable resource for anyone working in wireless communications.

Spring 2012 IEEE WCPs: Your IEEE WCET Renewal Deadline Has Been Extended!

A message from Dr. Mohamed M. A. Moustafa, Chair, IEEE WCET Recertification & Accreditation Committee.

Responding to requests from many WCP credential holders who originally earned IEEE WCET Certification in Spring 2012, the IEEE Communications Society WCET Recertification & Accreditation Committee has extended the recertification deadline to 31 October 2017. To keep your credential active, you will need to renew your certification before this extended deadline.

If you choose to recertify through the path of showing the earned Professional Development Units (PDUs), the committee is confident that your experience and professional development during the last five years will meet the criteria for recertification. Should you have any difficulty completing the application form, you can send us your up-to-date resume and we can help you fill out the application.

An alternate option to recertify is to sit for the WCET Certification Exam during the next testing period, from 25 September – 21 October 2017.  Should you choose to recertify by taking the exam, your request must be received no later than the end of the current application period which closes on 8 September 2017.

Please, note the recent development to the IEEE WCET Recertification policy which became, effective starting from January 1, 2017. By visiting the WCET Website recertification section.

Join your fellow IEEE WCPs who have already recertified and are maintaining this valuable credential.  Learn more about recertification now.

Upcoming IEEE ComSoc Training Courses

The full list of courses being offered through year-end is now available.  Topics include 5G, Optical Communications, LTE, Wi-Fi, Security, IoT, and more.  Discounts available on select courses for early registration or registration for related courses as a “bundle.”  View the calendar of upcoming courses now.

Industry News

LTE will underpin 5G systems; T-Mobile US talks 5G
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Here’s Why Collaboration Will Be Critical to Find Standards-Based Solutions for 5G Challenges
“Deploying high-bandwidth 5G services and solutions in mmWave, however, requires making some adjustments. The laws of physics for mmWave spectrum usage differ dramatically from those traditionally used for cellular operations. Therefore, standards-based technologies must be deployed to solve these challenges.” [WirelessWeek]

How IoT apps are being integrated with machine learning and blockchain for success
“Machine learning and blockchain technologies are being integrated with IoT capabilities to drive new demand in different industries.” [Telecoms tech]

5G Bytes: Millimeter Waves Explained (Video & Article)
“High-frequency millimeter waves will greatly increase wireless capacity and speeds for future 5G networks.” [IEEE Spectrum]

How 5G Could Bring Internet Access to Remote Areas
“Massive MIMO antenna systems will play a key role, IEEE Fellow Gerhard Fettweis says” [IEEE The Institute]

The Internet of Things: Could it really change the way we live?
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Internet of Things (IoT): market potential + trends in 2017 and beyond
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UL, MIPI Bolster IoT Security
“UL (formerly Underwriters Laboratories) and the MIPI Alliance are the latest groups to expand security initiatives for the Internet of Things. They join groups such as the IoT Security Foundation, picking up the pace on what looks to be a never-ending journey toward a safer IoT.” [EE Times]

5G: the benefits and difficulties of creating a new wireless standard
“5G is on the horizon and promises to bring massively increased data speeds with incredibly low latency. However, a full commercial rollout is not expected until 2020 and early testing is only just beginning.” [E&T ENGINEERING AND Technology]

Microsoft and Ericsson look to boost enterprise IoT adoption
“U.S. software giant Microsoft and Swedish network infrastructure vendor Ericsson announced plans to expand collaboration in the internet of things” [RCR Wireless]

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