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The IEEE 5G Summit at IMS 2019 will be held 4 June 2019 in Boston, MA. The Summit, hosted by IEEE ComSoc and MTT Society, will feature invited talks from industry speakers, as well as an evening panel session. You may sign up to watch via livestream.

Agenda (Eastern Time):

13:40-14:20 - Driving the 5G NR Enhanced Mobile Broadband Evolution - John Smee, VP Engineering, Qualcomm Inc.

14:20-15:00 - Bits to Beams – RF Technology Evolution for 5G mmWave Radios - Ahmed Khalil, Director of Design Engineering, ADI

15:15-15:50 - Sub 6GHz 5G mMIMO HMIC The Ultimate Solution To FEM Design Challenges - Walter Honcharenko, MACOM

15:50-16:25 - Commercializing 5G mm-WAVE Arrays: Technical and Economic Factors - Alastair Upton and Nitin Jain, Anokiwave

16:25-17:00 - Hyperdense Deployments with 5G Millimeter Wave - Farooq Khan, President, PHAZR/JMA Wireless

17:00-17:45 - Break (related, previously-recorded content will be played)

17:45 - 18:45 - 5G Panel Session: How Do We Make 5G Commercially viable? - Featuring: Farooq Khan, Alastair Upton, Walter Honcharenko, Ahmed Khalil, and Randy Becker, 5G Testbed Program Director, Keysight.

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