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Pre-recorded webcasts are prepared by sponsors and presented to communications technology professionals to learn more about the latest advances from an industry perspective.
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Making 5G Work: Data Throughput and Radio Resource Management

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This presentation considers how 5G receiver performance will be specified and measured in terms of data throughput in both legacy < 6 GHz frequency bands and in mmWave frequency bands. Included is a primer on the history of how LTE evolved from a cabled to a radiated throughput test environment. This background is essential to understand the direction that 5G new radio will take, and what parts of LTE can be...

Making 5G Work: Capacity Growth and RF Aspects

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This first "Making 5G Work" presentation explores the potential of 5G to dramatically expand the capacity of cellular communications through the existing domains of deployed spectrum, spectral efficiency and cell size, but augmented by the new domain of spatial reuse within the cell through beamsteering and massive MIMO. The principles behind beamsteering and MIMO beamforming are explained, and how they will apply differently in legacy frequency bands < 6 GHz and in mmWave bands...

Completing Rel-15 of 5G NR Physical Layer

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NR is a fast-evolving standard and it is drawing a lot of attention from the industry. Designed to cover a wide set of use cases (eMBB, URLLC, and mMTC), it introduces some new cutting-edge technologies like millimeter-wave and beamforming.

An initial release of the NR specification was delivered in December’17 with a limited set of functionalities: non-stand-alone connectivity where a NR gNB will always rely on a master LTE eNB, eMBB use cases and the low-latency aspects of URLLC...

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