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Jose Javier Berrocal Olmeda
Director, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa Region

Javier Berrocal is an associate professor at the University of Extremadura (Spain). The main research areas of Javier Berrocal are cloud computing, edge computing, cloud-to-thing computing, Digital Twin, and Mobile computing. In these areas, he published more than 50 papers in indexed journals (such as IEEE Internet of Things Journal, IEEE Internet Computing, IEEE Software, etc.) and more than 100 papers in highly prestigious conferences. He has been an advisor of 4 PhDs and he is currently advising other 2 PhDs. He has been guest editor of 3 different Special Issues and chair of 3 conferences and 8 different workshops.

Berrocal has been the leading researcher of several regional and national projects focused on the integration of human and mobile devices, improving the privacy of the sensed information, and where the data should be computed. In addition, he is leading projects with different companies to help them in the transition to Industry 4.0. Javier Berrocal is also co-founder of two different companies: Global Process and Product Innovation S.L. (Gloin), and Health and Aging Tech S.L. (HAT). Gloin is a software consulting company with more than 20 employees and HAT is a company focused on the development of technological products to improve the quality of life of elderly people.