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IEEE ComSoc Membership - Make Our Community Your Community

Becoming a member of the IEEE Communications Society means joining 24,000+ engineers, enthusiasts, educators, learners, leaders and collaborators around the globe to advance communications and networking technology for the betterment of humanity. 

We are an organization of information and communications technology engineers and professionals who share expertise, learn, and collaborate in an effort to solve today’s communications technology challenges, thereby creating tomorrow’s improved capabilities.

IEEE ComSoc 50% off Membership

Advancing together: Becoming a member

As a community of ICT engineers, we support our mission by supporting our fellow members, their vital work, and the innovation of communications and networking technologies worldwide.

Make your mark on the communications technology of the future.
Make our community your community.

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Membership has its benefits.

As a member of this distinguished community, you will receive exclusive personal, career, and business benefitsallowing you to achieve your professional and personal goals.

  • Discover the latest breakthroughs with access to cutting-edge information and research on communications technologies.
  • Deepen your understanding of key aspects of communications technologies through quality training and certification programs.
  • Connect and collaborate by taking advantage of networking opportunities at conferences and events held around the world.
  • Achieve more with special member pricing on key IEEE ComSoc publications, conferences, and professional development programs.


IEEE ComSoc Chapters

Getting involved in your local Chapter is a great way to meet your peers, attend events and lectures, and expand your personal and professional growth as a volunteer.

Women in Communications Engineering (WICE)

IEEE ComSoc's WICE committee promotes the visibility and roles of women communications engineers and to provides a venue for their professional growth.

Student Competition

IEEE ComSoc holds an annual student competition, encouraging communications engineering students to expand their knowledge, test and showcase new skills, and inspire innovation.