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IEEE ComSoc Membership - Get Connected With ComSoc and Make Our Community Your Community

Becoming a member of the IEEE Communications Society (IEEE ComSoc) means joining 30,000+ engineers, educators, learners, leaders and collaborators around the globe to advance communications and networking technology for the betterment of humanity. As an organization, we share expertise, learn, and collaborate to solve today’s communications technology challenges, thereby creating tomorrow’s improved capabilities.

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Why join IEEE ComSoc?

As a member of this distinguished, global community, whether you are an undergraduate student, graduate student or an experienced professional, you will receive exclusive personal, career, and business benefits and enjoy access to top-quality communications technology resources. As a ComSoc member you will:

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Membership for Professionals

Membership for Students

Students in communication fields can accelerate their professional growth by being part of ComSoc at early stages of their careers. As a student, you can only join ComSoc by being an IEEE member first. Annual IEEE student dues range from US $27 – $37, depending the region where you live. Add-on annual ComSoc Student Membership for only US$1 more. New student members enjoy half-year pricing when they join March – August.

IEEE students enjoy access to an array of benefits and programs including:

  • Networking opportunities with experts, practitioners and academics in the areas of your interest.
  • Participation in local student branch, section and region activities.
  • Access to funds including travel grants, scholarships, awards, and contests planned only for students.
  • Student Chapters that let you connect with other engineering students to exchange ideas and build the skills you need to successfully transition from the classroom to your profession.
  • IEEE ComSoc Student Competition which recognizes students or teams of students who demonstrate the capacity to improve the lives of people, through the application of communication technology and the development of projects that meet the human needs of people.
  • IEEE ComSoc Summer School Program that provides the opportunity to attend lectures by international communications technology experts.

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IEEE Young Professionals

IEEE Young Professionals (YPs) is an affinity group of members and volunteers within sections and regions who have less than 15 years from their first professional degree. It does not imply any special membership fee.

In addition to all IEEE ComSoc membership benefits, the Young Professionals within ComSoc have access to the exclusive Annual IEEE ComSoc Best Young Professional Awards and regional awards that recognize the best work on papers, abstracts, and innovations.

To join the ComSoc Young Professionals community, you need to be both an IEEE and an IEEE ComSoc member.


Volunteer Opportunities

ComSoc offers many volunteer opportunities that encompass a wide range of skills and activities. You can gain additional experience and enhance your leadership skills while supporting the Society and the communications technology profession. 

Use your experience and knowledge to volunteer in one or more of the following areas: conference organization, planning, and operations; publication editing; chapter activities; and technical committee service.

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