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IEEE Communications Society Chapters

IEEE ComSoc membership includes participation in one of over 200 professional and student Chapters around the world where you can connect and exchange ideas with others who share the same interests in communications technology. Getting involved in your local Chapter is a great way to meet your peers, attend events and lectures, and expand your personal and professional growth as a volunteer.

IEEE ComSoc Chapter Regions

Find your Region to learn more about how to get involved with your local Chapter.

Region 1-7: North America
   - Region 1: Northeastern US
   - Region 2: Eastern US
   - Region 3: Southern US
   - Region 4: Central US
   - Region 5: Southwestern US
   - Region 6: Western US
   - Region 7: Canada

Region 8: Europe, Middle East, Africa

Region 9: Latin America

Region 10: Asia and Pacific

Interested in starting a Chapter? Get started by referring to IEEE's Geographic Unit Formation Policies and Petitions.