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The objective of the ComSoc-MGACA is to foment and incentivize activities geared towards attracting new members to ComSoc and the renewal of the membership of existing ComSoc members. This directly helps ComSoc financially and indirectly aids in solidifying the position of ComSoc as a standard for telecommunications professionals in academia and industry. We expect an impact both in smaller and larger Chapters, motivating all to create efforts to improve the member base.

The ComSoc-MGACA itself is divided into two categories. The first category is given to applicants who satisfy all of the below:

  • They can prove they recruited at least 50 new ComSoc members for their local Chapter in an interval of one year;
  • Their local Chapter had a net gain of at least 50 in membership during that interval;
  • This recruitment of new members was caused directly by the applicant.

Awardees in this first category will receive one full year of IEEE and ComSoc membership dues the choice of a one year’s subscription to any ComSoc publication (both paid for by ComSoc), and a celebratory plaque.

The second category is available for awardees who satisfy the following requirements:

  • They received the award of the first category one year previous;
  • From the list of ComSoc members recruited for the first award, 50 or more remained as ComSoc members after the first year directly because of actions from the applicant.

Awardees in this second category will receive an additional second year of IEEE and ComSoc membership dues and their choice of renewal of the ComSoc publication subscription chosen in the first year or their choice of a different ComSoc publication subscription (both paid for by ComSoc)..

In order to apply for the ComSoc-MGACA, ComSoc members must directly contact via email the Vice-President of Membership and Global Activities (currently Ana García Armada), the Director of Member Services (currently Ricardo Veiga) and the Membership Manager at ComSoc, Cindy Tiritilli. The email must contain a list of newly recruited members for the local Chapter of the applicant (in case of the first category) or a list of members recruited one year previous that remained as members (in case of the second category). For both lists, the following information of each member must be present: full name, ComSoc Chapter association, ComSoc join date, and end date of current ComSoc membership. Additionally, the email must also contain a description of activities performed by the applicant during the previous year that led to the recruitment or maintenance of the members in the list. This message must be sent until October 1st of the same year of the desired award.

Applicants qualify for the award if their lists contain at least 50 ComSoc members of the local Chapter (either new members recruited in one year interval for the first category, or members who kept their membership after being recruited one year previous for the second category). For the first category, it is also required that the local Chapter attained a net gain of 50 members in the year. The number of members of each Chapter is based on the data of September of each year. In the case of applicants of smaller Chapters, they have the option of being grouped with neighboring Chapters for evaluation. Finally, the decision of giving the award is made by an evaluation committee composed of the Vice-President of Member Services, the Director of Membership and Global Activities, the Director of Sister and Related Societies, and the Membership Manager at ComSoc,  which will evaluate and judge the list of activities presented by the applicant on whether or not they were significant to incentivize ComSoc membership.

2023 Winner

Karachi Chapter, Umair Ahmed Korai

Past Winners


Karachi Chapter, Umair Ahmed Korai


Seoul Chapter, Saewoong Bahk


Nanjing Chapter, Jiming Chen


Harbin Chapter, Fengye Hu

Xian Chapter, Yanning Zhang