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The Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) was established to initiate, promote, and support the activities and growth of IEEE ComSoc members, local Chapters, and Regions. The grant is for use for the following activities:

  • Organization of special events to promote membership development and retention, membership level upgrades, professional/technical development and growth, participation and connection with industry, the establishment of new Chapters, and outreach to industry and other Societies;
  • Travel funding for members to attend meetings and conferences deemed valuable to IEEE ComSoc including local/Regional Chapter lectures, seminars, and workshops; MGA Council meetings, Member Services Board meetings, Regional Chapter Chair Congress and other conferences to support membership development initiatives; outreach to industry, professional, and other Society meetings/conferences to promote membership growth;
  • Participation of IEEE ComSoc budding leaders in Society activities.

The Membership Development Support Grant (MDSG) may be awarded to individual members, chapters, or to a region under the following guidelines: 

  1. The grant shall not exceed US$1,000. 
  2. Amount of the grant shall be decided on a case by case basis and based on estimated expenses and value to IEEE ComSoc. 
  3. No more than one grant shall be awarded to an individual or a chapter in a given calendar year. 
  4. All awardees shall be required to submit a written report outlining the activities supported by the grant 

The grant is available to individual members, Chapters, or a Region by completing the Membership Development Support Grant Application Form.

Apply Now

For guidelines, application procedures, and disbursement information, please review the IEEE ComSoc Policies & Procedures (B., page 134).