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Sister Chapters Program 2024 (SCP 2024) Funding Application

IEEE ComSoc chapters connect members and offer countless opportunities to learn and network. Connecting members around the world is critical to the mission of ComSoc and the new Sister Chapters program will promote cross-cultural connections and enrich the global diversity within the ComSoc community.  

Piloted in 2023, the Sister Chapter Program brought 10 chapters together with incredible connections and outcomes through shared technical programming and networking. As a result of this success, the Sister Chapters Program will continue in 2024 but with funding opportunities for selected chapters. Note: This funding is separate from traditional chapter funding. 

Chapters are encouraged to establish a formal partnership (sisterhood) with a ComSoc chapter from a different country, and preferably from a different region, with different cultural and geographic backgrounds. It is recommended to include at least one local Student Branch Chapter in the collaboration whenever feasible. 

In case a chapter has no partner identified, a chapter can still apply for funding. A committee will try to assign or match a sister chapter. 

Important Dates for Sister Chapter Funding

  • Monday, 11 March - Sister Chapter Funding applications open
  • Thursday, 21 March – Sister Chapter Funding application deadline
  • Wednesday, 3 April - Chapters notified of funding status

The funding is limited, and a committee will review all applications before allocating the funds.

Eligibility Criteria and SPC2024 Rules

Active chapter pairs meeting the minimum requirements may receive a grant up to US$3,000 (up to US$1,500 to each chapter). An additional bonus may be awarded to each chapter for engaging in additional activities subjected to the availability of funds.

To be eligible for this chapter funding, it is expected to have a minimum of: 

  • Organizing at least 1 joint technical activity with a speaker from each chapter.
  • Holding 1 joint student chapters activity, or formation of a new ComSoc Student Branch chapter.
  • Organizing 1 activity to promote membership.
  • Activities must be reported on a quarterly basis reporting to the Sister Chapter Program Chair and the Member Services Board director.
  • Submission of a final report about the project in December of each year.

Bonus funding may be awarded to the year’s most outstanding Sister Chapters in the next year's funding.

How to Apply for the Sister Chapter Program and Funding

  1. Fill out the Sister Chapter Program application
  2. Await confirmation from Sister Chapter Program Committee regarding the announcement of sister chapters pairs matching. (by 3 April 2024)
  3. Actively participate in Sister Chapter Program activities upon confirmation.

End of Year Reporting and Use of Funds

Chapters will provide a final report and then be expected to provide a renewal and new member report following the terminator campaign by 15 March each year. The report is meant to show the the chapters improved activities, help weaker the chapters through partnership and mentoring (if applicable), motivated students and supported student branches. Outcomes should encourage the retention of members and with expectations of 10% new members in each participating chapter.

Funding is for joint workshops, lectures and also projects between geographically diverse chapters. Refreshments may be claimed but should be under 25% of the total funding. In case required, small equipment and materials can be bought for the projects. The support is not for travel.

Sister Chapters Program Committee

Ana Garcia Armada, Vice President, Member and Global Activities
Ricardo Veiga, ComSoc Member-at-Large, ComSoc Board of Governors (BoG)
Ranga Rao Venkatesha Prasad, ComSoc Member Services Director
Mohab Mangoud, Sister Chapter Program Chair
Trish Jaraicie, Staff, Director of Membership and Marketing