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Will my submission be published on IEEE Xplore?

NO. The project description that you submit to the Student Competition is not an article that will be published on IEEE Xplore. It will be circulated only within the Student Competition Committee.

Can I submit a project that has been already presented in an article submitted to a conference or Journal? Or been published already?

YES. The Student Competition is something independent from regular publication of research on conferences and journals. Therefore, you can present to the Student Competition some project that has been or will be presented in regular technical articles for conferences and journals (citing related articles in references is advised).

What is the expected format and technical depth of submissions?

Although the maximum length of submissions is 3000 words, that is similar to the length recommended for most conferences (5 pages in standard 2-column IEEE format including some figures), the recommended format of a submission to the Student Competition is quite different.
The recommended outline should strictly include all information items specified in the Call. The technical and math depth of the submission, moreover, is not expected to be the same as in a research article (for example, no demonstrations of theorems or derivation of formulas). Finally, the layout of submissions is free, and does not have to follow the standard 2-column style of IEEE Transactions.

Do I have to be a member of ComSoc to participate in the competition?

The team leader must be a Student member or Graduate Student member of IEEE Communications Society.

When will the winners be notified?

Winners will be notified six weeks after the final deadline.

Does the team leader need to be a ComSoc STUDENT member?

YES. The student leader must be a  ComSoc STUDENT member.

What language should the project be written in?

The project should be written in English.