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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 1979

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

George Bahder 
For contributions to the understanding to the understanding of electrical and electrochemical voltage breakdown of extruded and laminar dielectric cables.

Lionel Boulet
For leadership in the establishment and management of the Research Institute of Hydro-Quebec.

Francesco Carassa
For development and implementation of wide-band radio links and for contributions to space communication.

Donald C. Cox
For contributions to the understanding of radio propagation effects in mobile telephone and satellite communications systems.

Irwin Dorros
For the management of engineering projects associated with integrated nationwide telecommunications.

Lester A. Gerhardt
For research in digital signal processing, communications and adaptive systems and pattern recognition and for leadership in engineering education.

James Gibson
For contributions to consumer electronic systems and solid state circuits.

James E. Goell
For technical contributions and leadership in the fields of optical fibers, integrated optical circuits, and millimeter waveguides.

George H. Hagn
For contributions to spectrum management and electromagnetic compatibility.

Thomas S. Huang
For contributions to the theory and application of image processing and digital filtering.

Kurt Katzeff
For leadership in the development of telecommunications switching systems.

John C. McDonald
For contributions to and leadership in the design of integrated digital transmission and switching systems.

John B. Moore
For contributions to optimal estimation and control and leadership in electrical engineering education.

Yukio Nakagome
For contribution to electronic communications switching systems and digital signal transmission.

Alistair E. Ritchie
For contributions to telephone network switching and signaling development.

Shoichi Saba
For contributions tot he development of fault locators and gas insulated switch gears.

Leo Schenker
For contributions to Touch-Tone telephone signaling systems.

William G. Schmidt
For contributions to the development of time-division multiple-access satellite communications.

Ikuo Tanaka
For contributions to computer aided analysis of electric field effects and the development of low skin effect stranded conductors.

Werner Ulrich
For contributions to the development of telephone electronic switching systems.

Teruhiro Umezu
For contributions tot he development of analytical to electric power systems.

Leo E. Zegers
For contributions to error correction, jitters reduction, and synchronization in data transmission.