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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 1981

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Richard E. Blahut
For the development of passive surveillance systems and for contributions to information theory and error control codes.

Norris C. Hekimian
For contributions to circuit design in the field of telecommunications test instrumentation.

Ira Jacobs
For contribution to and leadership in the development of lightwave communications systems.

Richard J. Jaeger, Jr.
For contributions to the development and deployment of electronic operator assistance telephone switching systems.

Robert E. Kahn
For original work in packet switching mobile radio telecommunications technology.

Hisashi Kaneko
For contributions to and leadership in digital communications systems.

James M. Kasson
For contributions to and leadership in the design of digital switching systems for customer premises business communications systems.

John D. Markel
For contribution to the theory and applications of linear predication of speech.

George F. McClure
For contribution to mobile telephone communications systems engineering and the creation of new and more effective methods of spectrum utilization.

Robert G. Meyer
For contributions to the analysis and design of high frequency amplifiers.

Jim K. Omura
For contribution to information and communications theory as applied to communications systems design.

Edward C. Posner
For contributions to and leadership in the development of deep space communications systems.

Douglas O. Reudink
For contributions to satellite communications and microwave mobile radio systems.

Hiroshi Sakai
For contributions to vehicular communications in a critical high-speed environment.

Donald L. Synder
For contributions to estimation theory and applications to communications and medicine.

Donald T. Tang
For contribution to the design and analysis of computer communications networks.

Louis J. Urban
For leadership in avionics research and development and contributions to guidance and control for missiles and aircraft.