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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 1999

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Behnaam Aazhang
For contributions to multi-user wideband digital cellular communications.

Ken-ichi Aihara
For contributions and leadership in multimedia networking technologies and their applications.

Marco G. Ajmone Marsan
For the development of generalized stochastic petri net theory and its applications.

Rashid Ansari
For contributions to multirate digital signal processing and digital filter banks.

Tor Magnus Aulin
For contributions to the analysis of Continuous Phase Modulation systems, and characterization of radio channels.

Magdy A. Bayoumi
For contributions to application specific digital signal processing architectures and computer arithmetic.

Norman Charles Beaulieu
For contributions to the analysis and modeling of wireless data and digital communication systems.

Boualem Boashash
For contributions to time-frequency signal analysis and for signal processing education.

Afshin Samimi Daryoush
For contributions to the field of nonlinear microwave photonics with applications to high-speed fiberoptic links.

Jean-Dominique Decotignie
For contributions to fieldbus technology leading to its adoption and standardization by the industry.

Robert Clyde Dixon
For contributions to the design, development, and implementation of spread spectrum systems.

Bharat Tarachand Doshi
For contributions to the performance analysis, traffic management, protocol and architecture design of telecommunication networks.

Said El-Sayed Ismail El-Khamy
For contributions to signaling techniques for propagation through natural media.

Meir Feder
For contributions to universal prediction and universal data compression.

Arif Ghafoor
For contributions to the development of multimedia synchronization models and associated algorithms.

Wei-Bo Gong
For contributions to the analysis of discrete event systems, and modeling and simulation of complex systems.

Lei Guo
For contributions to the theory of adaptive control and recursive identification of linear stochastic systems.

Someshwar Chander Gupta
For contribution to the theory of phase locked loops and mobile cellular communication.

David George Haigh
For contributions to the design and integrated circuit implementation of high frequency filters.

Francis Sherburne Hill, Jr.
For contributions to computer engineering pedagogy, including course and curriculum development for "at distance learning" opportunities.

Jiunn Carl Hsu
For leadership in the field of communication switching, and network systems.

Andrzej Jajszczyk
For contributions to the theory and practice of telecommunications switching.

Byoung Yoon Kim
For contributions to the theory and practice of fiber optic devices, including few-mode devices, for telecommunications and sensing applications.

Kevin L. Kloker
For contributions to the development of digital signal processing and multimedia communications systems.

Stephane Lafortune
For contributions to the theory of discrete event systems.

Michel Lecours
For contributions to the statistical modeling of mobile and indoor wireless channels.

Alberto Leon-Garcia
For contributions to multiplexing and switching of integrated services traffic.

Stuart Jack Lipoff
For contributions leading to commercialization of advanced consumer electronics products.

Teresa Huai-Ying Meng
For contributions to the system integration of algorithms, parallel architectures and signal processing circuits.

Neri Merhav
For contributions to universal methods of prediction and data compression.

Joan LaVerne Mitchell
For contributions to the development of international image compression standards.

Tokumichi Murakami
For contributions to the research and development of image coding, signal processing and transmission technologies.

Roberto Padovani
For leadership in the design, implementation and commercialization of CDMA cellular technology.

Panos E. Papamichalis
For contributions to the development and implementation of efficient Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms.

Kyu Tae Park
For contributions to education in computer and image processing technology and for technical leadership.

Craig Partridge
For contributions to the development of Internet protocols that support larger and faster networks.

Donald E. Pearson
For sustained leadership in visual information processing and coding.

Adel Razek
For contributions to 3D electromagnetic field modelling and coupled phenomena analysis in electromagnetic systems.

Ken-ichi Sato
For contributions to the architecture and technologies of Asynchronous Transfer Mode networks and photonic networks.

Michael Alan Soderstrand
For contributions to engineering education in curriculum development and contributions to analog and digital signal processing.

Arun K. Somani
For contributions to the theory and application of computer networks.

Ralf Peter Steinmetz
For contributions to multimedia communications.

Gordon Lothar Stuber
For contributions to mobile radio and spread spectrum communications.

John Nicolaos Tsitsiklis
For contributions to the theory of control and computation in large-scale systems.

Ching-Kuang Clive Tzuang
For contributions to the analysis and design of complex wave guiding structures and the design of integrated leaky-mode arrays.

Reinaldo A. Valenzuela
For contributions to wireless systems design.

Wen Xun Zhang
For developments in electromagnetics including antennas, waveguides and scattering.

Michael D. Zoltowski
For contributions to the theory of antenna array signal processing and two-dimensional direction-of-arrival estimation.