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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 2003

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Ercument Arvas
For contributions to the solution of electromagnetic scattering problems

Homer H. Chen
For contributions to the development of technology and standards for digital image and video coding.

Zhi Ding
For contributions to blind estimation and equalization of communication.

Da Gang Fang
For contributions to the development of the full-wave discrete complex image method and modified matched layer absorbing boundary conditions.

Fredric Joel Harris
For applications of digital signal processing to the design of communications systems.

Fumitada Itakura
For pioneering contributions to speech processing.

Sadahiko Kano
For contributions to and leadership in the development of international digital network standards.

El-Hang Lee
For contributions to optical devices for communication.

Yi-Bing Lin
For contributions to the design and modeling of mobile telecommunications networks and leadership in personal communications services education.

Antonio Mecozzi
For contributions to the theory of nonlinear transmission in optical fibers.

Takehiro Moriya
For contributions to speech compression and audio coding technologies and their standardization.

Joseph Andrew O'Sullivan
For contributions to information-theoretic imaging with applications to medical tomographic systems and radar imaging.

Tung Sang Ng
For contributions to signal processing techniques in spread spectrum communications.

Toshitaka Tsuda
For contributions to digital signal processing and its application to the communications industry, and leadership in broadband telecommunications.

Branka Vucetic
For contributions to the theory and applications of channel coding.

Yuval Bistritz
For contributions to the stability theory of multidimensional linear systems and applications to estimation and interpolation problems.

Kemin Zhou
For contributions to the robust control system theory and applications.

Daniel J. Blumenthal
For contributions to optical packet switching and agile optical networking.

Jan Conradi
For contributions to the advancement of optical fiber communications systems.

Rolf Ernst
For contributions to the design automation of co-design hardware and software embedded systems.

Tadashi Fujino
For contributions to modulation and demodulation techniques for digital radio communications.

Mehdi Hatamian
For contributions to the design of high-performance digital signal processors.

Kiyohiko Itoh
For contributions to the development of small antennas and their applications.

Ken-ichi Kitayama
For contributions to optical fiber communications, radio-on-fiber communications, and photonic networks.

Khaled Ben Letaief
For contributions to the analysis, design, and performance evaluation of high-speed wireless communication systems.

K. J. Ray Liu
For contributions to algorithms, architectures, and implementations for signal processing.

John Jacob Metzner
For contributions to reliable data communications.

Mahmoud Naghshineh
For contributions to architecture, algorithms, and protocols in wireless networks.

Erdal Panayirci
For contributions to carrier symbol synchronization and channel estimation in digital communications.

Chung Sheng Li
For contributions to digital libraries and universal multimedia access.

Antonio Jose Vincentelli
For technical leadership in the energy industry.

Osamu Yamada
For contributions to digital broadcasting systems.

Norman Paul Jouppi
For contributions to the design of high-performance processors and memory systems.

Prosper Chemouil
For contributions to the design and implementation of dynamic routing and traffic management systems in telecommunications networks.

Bruce Gordon Danly
For contributions to the development of high-power millimeter-wave sources for fusion, accelerator, and defense applications.

Robin Evans
For contributions to target tracking, industrial control, and signal processing.

Mario Gerla
For contributions to ad hoc wireless networks.

Hiroaki Ikeda
For contributions to RF power generation using MOS field effect transistors and leadership in the development of RF power technologies.

Ramakrishna Janaswamy
For contributions to numerical modeling techniques in radio wave propagation and electromagnetic scattering.

Vijay P. Kumar
For contributions to scalable high-performance packet switching architectures and systems.

Victor C. M. Leung
For contributions to the design of protocols and management strategies for wireless and mobile communications networks.

Mitsuo Makimoto
For contributions to the development of microwave and radio frequency devices.

Makoto Miyake
For contributions to the development of error correction receivers and their applications to wireless communications

John Andrew Orr
For contributions to electrical and computer engineering education.

Kenneth Rose
For contributions to information-theoretic methods in signal processing.

Elias D. Towe
For contributions to nanostructure optoelectronic technology.

Steven Howard Voldman
For contributions to electrostatic discharge protection in CMOS, silicon on insulator, and RF silicon germanium technology.

Raymond W. Yeung
For contributions to network coding theory.

Will Edward Leland
For contributions to the characterization of traffic on data networks.