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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 2008

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Naofal Al Dhahir
For contributions to high data rate ommunications through broadband channels

Mourad Barkat
For contributions to adaptive thresholding radar signal detection.

H. Anthony Chan 
For contributions to accelerated stress testing and reliability.

Yuguang "Michael" Fang 
For contributions to wireless networks and mobile computing systems.

Kazuo Hagimoto 
For contributions to very large capacity optical transmission systems.

Jennifer Hou 
For contributions to protocol design and analysis of wireless communications networks.

Yong Lee 
For contributions to photonic devices based upon vertical cavity surface emitting lasers and photonic crystals.

Steven Low 
For contributions to Internet congestion control.

Klara Nahrstedt
For contributions to end-to-end quality of service management of multimedia systems.

Markku Renfors
For contributions to digital signal processing algorithms.

Ivan Stojmenovic
For contributions to data communication algorithms and protocols for wireless sensor and ad hoc networks.

Paulo Verissimo
For contributions to dependable and secure distributed computing.

William Webb
For leadership in the deployment of third generation mobile and wireless LAN technology.

Yutaka Yasuda
For contributions tomobile digital satellite communication systems.

Alexander Zelinsky
For contributions to vision-based robotics.

Michael Bushnell
For contributions to testing methods for digital and mixed-signal VLSI circuits.

John Apostolopoulos
For contributions to the principles and practice of video communications and secure media streaming.

Manuel Castro
For contributions to distance learning in electrical and computer engineering education.

Dah Ming Chiu 
For contributions to distributed resource allocation algorithms in computer networks.

Ornan (Ori) Gerstel 
For contributions to optical network architecture and network design.

Alex Hills
For leadership in the development of wireless technology and delivery of telecommunications services to rural and remote areas.

Ravi Jain
For contributions to wireless networks and standard programmable interfaces for converged networks.

Ann Von Lehmen 
For contributions to optical network architectures and technologies.

Rui Silva Martins 
For leadership in engineering education.

Fernando Pereira
For contributions to object-based digital video representation technologies and standards.

Debanjan Saha
For contributions to traffic management and intelligent network control planes.

Ananthram Swami
For contributions to statistical signal processing in communication systems and networks.

Ramanarayanan Viswanathan
For contributions to distributed detection and decision fusion in sensor systems.

En-Hui Yang
For contributions to source coding.

Rajendra Yavatkar
For contributions to network protocols and multi-processor systems-on-a-chip for wire-speed packet processing.

Jinyun Zhang
For contributions to broadband wireless transmission and networking technology.

Paul Ebert
For contributions to the standard international aircraft collision avoidance system.

Victor (Paramvir) Bahl
For contributions to the design of wireless networks and systems and leadership in mobile computing and communications.

Felipe Catedra
For contributions to using computational geometry in electromagnetic analysis.

Sudhir Dixit 
For contributions to broadband network architectures and protocols.

Dong Ha
For leadership in VLSI design and test.

Bertrand Hochwald 
For contributions to multiple-input-multiple-output wireless communications.

Hisao Kameda 
For contributions to performance optimization methods for information processing systems.

Jorg Liebeherr 
For contributions tothe design and analysis of computer networks and their protocols

Muriel Medard 
For contributions to wideband wireless fading channels and network coding.

Radia Perlman 
For contributions to network routing and security protocols.

Yong-Hua Song
For contributions tooptimization techniques for power systems.

Hiromi Ueda
For contributions to synchronous digital hierarchy transmission systems and optical access systems.

Xiaodong Wang
For contributions to signal processing for wireless communications.

Kaoru Yano
For leadership in development of digital transmission systems.

Hoi-Jun Yoo
For contributions to low-power and high-speed VLSI design.

Weihua Zhuang
For contributions tomobile communications and networks.