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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 2010

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Raj Acharya
for contributions to biomedical imaging and bioinformatics

Eitan Altman
for contributions to analysis, optimization, and control of telecommunication networks

Joseph Berthold
for leadership in optical internetworking

Edgar Callaway
for contributions to wireless sensor networks and low power design techniques for communications devices and systems

Hsiao-Hwa Chen
for contributions to radio resource allocation in code division multiple wireless systems

Zhizhang (David) Chen
for contributions to time-domain electromagnetic modeling and simulation

Roy Cideciyan
for contributions to signal processing and constrained coding for magnetic recording

Thomas Cloonan
for leadership in development of cable modem termination systems

Robert Doverspike
for contributions to architectures, modeling, and optimization of telecommunication networks

Hesham El-Gamal
for contributions to multiple-input multiple-output and cooperative communications

Marc Goldburg
for leadership in the development and commercialization of spectrally efficient wireless communications systems

Joseph Hellerstein
for contributions to control engineering for performance management of computing systems

Shivkumar Kalyanaraman
for contributions to traffic management in computer communication networks

Yoshio Karasawa
for contributions to the measurement and modeling of propagation effects in radio communication systems

Pooi-Yuen Kam
for contributions to receiver design and performance analysis for wireless communications

Gerhard Kramer
for contributions to coded modulation, iterative decoding, and cooperative communications

Uwe Kraus
for contributions to digital television signal compression and transmission

Marwan Krunz
for contributions to resource management policies in wireless networks

Chang-Hee Lee
for contributions to wavelength division multiplexed-passive optical network

Ping Li
for contributions to iterative signal processing, multi-user detection and concatenated error control codes

Wanjiun Liao
for contributions to communication protocols in multimedia networking

John C.S. Lui
for contributions to performance modeling and analysis of storage communication systems and peer-to-peer networks

Stan Lumish
for leadership in the development and implementation of commercial terrestrial lightwave systems

Tadashi Matsumoto
for contributions to signal processing for wireless communications

Victor Miller
for contributions to elliptic curve cryptography

Joseph Mitola
for contribution to software-defined and cognitive radio technologies

Prasant Mohapatra
for contributions to the quality of service provisioning in computer networks

Aria Nosratinia
for contributions to multimedia and wireless communications

Harry Perros
for contributions to performance evaluation modeling of computer networks

Chunming Qiao
for contributions to optical and wireless network architectures and protocols

Ramesh Rao
for leadership in wireless communications

A. L. Narasimha Reddy
for contributions to multimedia storage and network support

Leslie Rusch
for contributions in optical and wireless communications systems

Christian Schlegel
for contributions to iterative demodulation and decoding in wireless communication

Robert Schober
for contributions to wireless communications

Dan Schonfeld
for contributions to image and video analysis

Mark Shayman
for contributions to the theory of Riccati equations and discrete-event dynamic systems

Andrew Singer
for contributions to signal processing techniques for digital communication

Vishwanath Sinha
for contributions to electrical engineering education

Peter Steenkiste
for contributions to optimization and monitoring techniques for distributed communication systems

Milica Stojanovic
for contributions to underwater acoustic communications

Heinrich Stuttgen
for leadership in industrial research

Wei Su
for leadership in military communications and electronic warfare technology

Emmanouil M. Tentzeris
for contributions to three dimensional conformal integrated devices for wireless communications and sensing

Nian-Feng Tzeng
for contributions to parallel computer systems and scalable routers

Nitin Vaidya
for contributions to wireless networking protocols and mobile communications

Mahesh Varanasi
for contributions to multi-user and wireless communication theory

Chengshan Xiao
for contributions to channel modeling and signal processing for wireless communications

Howard Yang
for leadersip in mixed-signal integrated circuit design and manufacturing

Feng Zhao
for contributions to networked embedded computing and sensor networks

Wenwu Zhu
for contributions to video communications over the internet and wireless

Zoran Zvonar
for leadership in the development of digital signal processing software and hardware for wireless cellular communication