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IEEE Fellows Elevated as of 1 January 2012

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Congratulations to the following Communications Society members for their election to the grade of Fellow of the IEEE. They now join company with a truly distinguished roster of colleagues.

Dakshi Agrawal
For contributions to theory, analysis, and design of efficient, secure, and privacy-preserving communication systems

Yucel Altunbasak 
For contributions to super-resolution imaging, color filter array interpolation, and error-resilient video communications

George Arnold
for leadership in architecture and protocols for the electric grid and telecommunication networks

Ahmad Bahai
For contributions to multi-carrier wireless and wire-line communication systems

Mauro Barni
For contributions to signal and image processing for multimedia security

Raouf Boutaba
For contributions to automated network and service management methodologies and applications

Kenneth Calvert
For contributions to internet topology and active networks

Jyh-Cheng Chen
For contributions to energy efficient protocols in wireless networks

Roger Cheng
For contributions to multiuser communications in wireless systems

Mung Chiang 
For contributions to optimization of communication networks and applications to wireless networks, broadband access, and the internet

Mark Crovella 
For contributions to the measurement and analysis of networks and distributed systems

Michael Devetsikiotis
For contributions to rare-event modeling of communication networks

Alexandra Duel-Hallen 
For contributions to equalization and wireless communications

Anbal Figueiras-Vidal
for leadership in digital signal processing

Stefano Galli 
For contributions to theory, practice, and standardization of power line communication networks

Rafik Goubran 
For contributions to voice quality measurement and its applications to audio improvement

Erich Gunther
For contributions to the development and standardization of techinques for electric power quality

Franz Hlawatsch
For contributions to time-frequency signal processing

Charles Kalmanek
for leadership in advancing architecture, design and management of communications networks and services

Ahmed Kamal 
For contributions  to optical networks provisioning for multipoint traffic

Ryuji Kohno 
For contributions to spread spectrum and ultra wideband technologies and applications

Srikanth Krishnamurthy
For contributions to cross-layer protocol design in wireless networks

Vincent Lau
For contributions to wireless communication systems with channel feedback

Jin Li
For contributions to multimedia delivery, compression and storage for real-time communication

Junyi Li
For contributions to modulation techinques for mobile broadband communications systems

Mike Peng Li
For contributions to the design of jitter test technologies

Soung Chang Liew
For contributions to wireless communications and networking

Marco Luise
For contributions to synchronization and signal processing in communications

Ranjan Mallik
For contributions to channel characterization in wireless communication systems

Eytan Modiano
For contributions to cross-layer resource allocation algorithms for wireless, satellite, and optical networks

Bernard Mulgrew
For contributions to linear and nonlinear equalizers for adaptive systems

C. Siva Ram Murthy
For contributions to resource management in high performance real-time computing and communication systems

Zhisheng Niu
For contributions to collaborative radio resource management in wireless networks

Jong-Seon No 
For contributions to sequences and cyclic difference setsfor communications algorithms

Ian Oppermann
For contributions to mobile communication systems

Venkata Padmanabhan
For contributions to networked and mobile computing systems

Marimuthu Palaniswami

For contributions to computational intelligence, learning systems, and nonlinear modelling

Konstantinos Plataniotis
For contributions to the theory and application of statistical adaptive learning

Subramanian Ramanathan
For contributions to mobile adhoc networks using topology control and directional antennas

Wonjong Rhee 
for leadership in dynamic spectrum management systems

George Rouskas
For contributions in algorithms, protocols, and architectures of optical networks

Akbar Sayeed
For contributions to statistical signal modeling for wireless communication and sensor networks

Raghunath Shevgaonkar
for leadership in electrical engineering education in India

Elvino Sousa
For contributions to wireless systems, including modulation techniques and transmitter diversity

Danny Tsang
For contributions to the optimization of communications networks

Yu-Chee Tseng
For contributions to wireless and mobile networks

M. Umit Uyar
For contributions to conformance testing theory and practice

Ping-Kong Wai
For contributions to optical networks and optical fiber communication systems

Chin-Liang Wang
For contributions to signal processing algorithms and architectures for digital communications

Keh-Chung Wang
For contributions to GaAs HBT integrated circuits for high speed data conversion and optical fiber communication systems

Thomas Weiland
for development of the finite integration technique and impact of the associated software on electromagnetic engineering

Jiangtao Wen
For contributions to multimedia communication technology and standards

Guu-Chang Yang
For contributions to optical code division multiple access

Xiaohu Yu
for leadership in the development of mobile communications in China

Junshan Zhang
For contributions to cross-layer optimization of wireless networks

Qian Zhang 
For contributions to the mobility and spectrum management of wireless networks and mobile communications

Zhi-Li Zhang
For contributions to internet quality-of-service theory and applications

Wenjun Zeng
For contributions to multimedia communication and security