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Congratulations to the Newly Elected 2021 IEEE Fellows

"On behalf of the ComSoc Board of Governors, it is my pleasure to congratulate our newly elevated ComSoc Fellows," said Vincent Chan, IEEE Communications Society President. "Their contributions to our industry have incredible impact and should be celebrated by the entire ComSoc community. I also want to extend my thanks to the ComSoc Fellows Evaluation Committee, chaired by Steve Alexander, for their hard work in evaluating all of the candidates. We're honored to have our new Fellows recognized with this esteemed distinction and grateful for our volunteers who are dedicated to recognizing the best of our community."

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Forty-five IEEE Communications Society members were among those elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow for 2021.

Ahmed Ali
for leadership in high-speed analog-to-digital converter design and calibration

Mehdi Bennis
for contributions to resource optimization in heterogeneous and low-latency wireless networks

Danijela Cabric
for contributions to theory and practice of spectrum sensing and cognitive radio systems

Chan-Byoung Chae
for contributions to MIMO design and prototypes for emerging communication systems

Min Chen
for contributions to data-driven communication, caching, and computing

I. Chih-Lin
for leadership in wireless mobile networks

Filip De Turck
for contributions to network resource management and adaptive service delivery

Jaafar Elmirghani
for contributions to energy-efficient communications

Haris Gacanin
for development of operations and management systems for home broadband networks

Matthias Grossglauser
for contributions to the modeling and analysis of network traffic and data

Dongning Guo
for contributions to multi-user detection and estimation theory

Ismail Guvenc
for contributions to heterogeneous wireless networks and wireless localization

Kaibin Huang
for contributions to wirelessly powered communications and multi-antenna communications

Tara Javidi
for contributions to stochastic resource allocation and active hypothesis testing

Byoung-Hoon Kim
for contributions to development and standardization of mobile communication technologies

Laurent Larger
for contributions to optoelectronic delay oscillators and neuromorphic processing applications

Francis Lau
for contributions to analysis of chaotic communications systems and low-density parity-check code design

Wonjun Lee
for contributions to multiple access and resource allocation in wireless networks

Jiandong Li
for leadership in heterogeneous self-organizing wireless networks

Rongxing Lu
for contributions to security and privacy in vehicular communications

Huadong Ma
for contributions to multimedia sensor networks

Athina Markopoulou
for contributions to network coding systems and network measurement

David Matolak
for contributions to wireless channel modeling and applications

Matthew Mckay
for contributions to random matrix theory in statistical signal processing

Marco Mellia
for contributions to Internet traffic analysis

Wing Kwan Ng
for contributions to resource allocation for wireless communication networks

Ai-Chun Pang
for contributions to resource management and service provisioning for mobile edge networks

Gurudatta Parulkar
for contributions to improving the architecture of the internet and software defined networking

Chiara Petrioli
for contributions to wireless and underwater networks

Dario Pompili
for contributions to underwater acoustic communication networks

Eve Schooler
for contributions to multimedia protocols and internet standards

Hyundong Shin
for contributions to the analysis and design of wireless communication and networking

Erik Strom
for contributions to reliable low latency communications and synchronization of code-division systems

Stephan Ten Brink
for contributions to iterative detection and decoding

My Thai
for contributions to modeling, design, and optimization of networked systems

Edward Tiedemann
for innovation and standardization of digital cellular communications

Daniela Tuninetti
for contributions to theory of repetition protocols and wireless interference management

Jaideep Vaidya
for contributions to privacy protection in data analytics and access control management

Rath Vannithamby
for contributions to resource allocation for cellular and internet of things technologies

Cong Wang
for contributions to security of cloud storage and computation

Zhaocheng Wang
for contributions to pilot design and modulation of OFDM wireless systems

Honggang Wang
for contributions to low power wireless for IoT and multimedia applications

Dong Xuan
for contributions to connected coverage in wireless networks

Chau Yuen
for contributions to energy efficient wireless communications

Hongke Zhang
for contributions to high-speed railway communications

Gan Zheng
for contributions to optimization and design of multiuser multi-antenna communications