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Congratulations to the Newly Elected 2022 IEEE Fellows

On behalf of the ComSoc Board of Governors, it is my great pleasure to congratulate our newly elevated IEEE Fellows," said Xuemin (Sherman) Shen, IEEE Communications Society President. "Their contributions to R&D in telecommunications have incredible impact and should be celebrated by the entire ComSoc community. I also want to extend my thanks to the members of the ComSoc Fellows Evaluation Committee, chaired by Jean Armstrong, for their diligence in evaluating all of the candidates. We are honored to have our new Fellows recognized with this esteemed distinction and grateful for our volunteers who are dedicated to recognizing the best of our community.

Election to the grade of IEEE Fellow is one of the highest honors that can be bestowed upon our members by the Institute in recognition of their technical, educational, and leadership achievements. Only a select few IEEE members earn this prestigious honor.

Fifty-six IEEE Communications Society members were among those elevated to the grade of IEEE Fellow for 2022.


Bo Ai
for contributions to channel modeling and wireless communications in high-speed railways

Arturo Azcorra
for leadership in developing the midhaul and core of 5G networks

Sujata Banerjee
for leadership in programmable and energy efficient networks

Suman Banerjee
for development of tools to improve performance and usability of wireless systems

Emil Bjornson
for contributions to multi-antenna and multi-cell wireless communications

Jinjun Chen
for contributions to scalable architecture for cloud data storage and processing

Minghua Chen
for contributions to delay-critical networked systems

Xiang Cheng
for contributions to vehicular communication channel modeling and system design

Thomas Clancy
for leadership in security and wireless communications

Holger Claussen
for contributions to small cell wireless network technology

Bruno Clerckx
for contributions to multi-antenna communications and wireless power transmission

Sinem Coleri
for contributions to wireless technologies and sensor networks

Andrea Conti
for contributions to wireless communication and localization systems

Mauro Conti
for contributions to communications network security

Linglong Dai
for contributions to massive MIMO

Riccardo Degaudenzi
for leadership in digital communication standards for satellite communications

Trung Q. Duong
for contributions to cooperative communications and physical layer security

Tarek El-Bawab
for contributions to the definition, recognition, accreditation criteria, and program development of modern network-engineering education

Sonia Fahmy
for contributions to design and evaluation of network protocols and sensor networks

Giancarlo Fortino
for contributions to Engineering of IoT-enabled Wearable Computing Systems

Xiaoming Fu
for contributions to resource management in edge computing and networking

Ibrahim Gedeon
for leadership in consumer-oriented applications of broadband communications

Nada Golmie
for contributions to wireless technologies and standards

Albert Guillen I Fabregas
for contributions to the analysis and design of wireless communication systems

Deniz Gunduz
for contributions to the foundations of source-channel coding, cooperative and cache-aided communications

Chuanxiong Guo
for contributions to design of data center networking

Steve Hranilovic
for contributions to optical wireless communication systems

Yusheng Ji
for contributions to distributed computing in mobile and dynamic systems

Admela Jukan
for contributions to optical communications and networking

Kang-Won Lee
for contribution to development of SDN and virtualization technologies for 5G wireless networks

Amir Leshem
for contributions to multi-channel and multi-agent signal processing

Keqiu Li
for contributions to resource-efficient and QoS-oriented cloud computing

Sudip Misra
for contributions to intelligent sensing in constrained IoT environments

Moriyasu Miyazaki
for leadership in developments of airborne active-phased-array radars and satellite communication microwave subsystems

Apurva Mody
for leadership in cognitive dynamic spectrum sharing and standards

Webert Montlouis
for leadership in the development of radar systems

Yoshihiro Ohba
for contributions to standardization of network security protocols

Adrian Perrig
for contributions to network and system security

Kumar Sivarajan
for leadership in optical networking

Kiyohisa Terai
for contribution to optical fiber sensors and electrical discharge applications

Elif Uysal
for pioneering contributions to energy-efficient and low latency communications

Mikko Valkama
for contributions to physical layer signal processing in radio systems

Daniel Van Der Weide
for contributions to ultrafast terahertz electronics and biomedical applications of microwave technologies

Peter Vetter
for leadership in broadband access technologies in advanced passive optical networks

Sriram Vishwantath
for contributions to information theory and coding for wireless communication systems

Guiling Wang
for contributions to distributed algorithm design for sensor networks and vehicular networks

Ping Wang
for contributions to radio resource allocation and performance modeling of heterogeneous wireless networks

Zheng Yang
for contributions to wireless localization and sensing

Lei Ying
for contributions to resource allocation in cloud computing systems and wireless networks

Mohamed Younis
for contributions to protocols, architecture, and analysis of multihop wireless networks

Jiguo Yu
for contributions to data storage and processing in cloud and social environments

Jun Zhang
for contributions to dense wireless networks

Zhangdui Zhong
for contributions to theory, technology and development of mobile communications for railways

Anding Zhu
for contributions to behavioral modeling and digital predistortion of RF power amplifiers

Jiang Zhu
for contributions to antenna design for wireless communications

Gil Zussman
for contributions to the design of wireless network systems