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Project Requirements

Entrants must articulate a proposed solution that includes the following criteria:

  • Articulate the needs of an unattended community and clearly state how and why they will benefit from the Internet implementation.
  • The project must also articulate the project risks and mitigation for each point, including but not limited to: schedule risk, resource risk, financial risks, etc. 
  • The project team should propose a project plan for the 
    • Implementation
    • Training
    • Engagement of the community
    • Expected performance measurements. 
  • Additionally, the team should outline an adoption plan for the promotion, marketing and visibility of the project in conjunction with the supporting region and chapter.
  • A detailed budget for the project not to exceed US$12,000.
  •  Describe how it is expected that the equipment will be maintained after the implementation.
  • The project proposal must meet the following technical criteria:
    • Have performance measurements plans to demonstrate that the implemented solution would be successful. For example, they could be:
      • The maximum throughput at each serving point independently.
      • The maximum throughput at each serving point at the same time.
      • Continuous measurement of the network usage for at least one week.
      • A measure of how effective the management system is to detect failures in the network.

Community Criteria

The community identified in the project must meet the following criteria:

  • There is a real need for Internet access (e.g. service providers do not offer it in that community, or it is prohibitively expensive for members of the community).
  • As the project proposal is focused on the Internet distribution and not on the link provisioning of the Internet connection, the individual or project team should demonstrate how the community will continue to have access when the current project is finished (e.g., involving other funding, public or private).