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N. Kishor Narang
Narnix Technolabs, India

Technology Philanthropist, Innovation, Standardization & Sustainability Evangelist…Kishor is a technology advisor, mentor, and design architect in electrical, electronics, and ICT with over 40 years of professional experience in education, research, design, and advisory. He has over 30 years of hardcore research, design, and development experience in fields as diverse as industrial engineering, power and energy engineering, IT, telecommunications, medical devices, and environmental engineering. Professionally, he is an electronics design engineer practicing design and development across a wide spectrum of products, systems, and solutions through his own independent design house, NARNIX, since 1981.

For the last 10 years, he has been deeply involved in standardization in the electrical, electronics, communications, information technology and cyber security domains with a focus on identifying gaps in standards to bring harmonization through standardized interfaces to ensure end-to-end Interoperability. He has been leading national standardization initiatives at BIS, the Indian national standards development organization (SDO), in smart cities, smart manufacturing, smart energy, and active assisted living as the founding Chairman of the Smart Infrastructure Sectional Committee LITD 28, along with contributing to multiple other SDOs and initiatives. Globally, he is Vice Chair-Strategy and Project Leader of two international standards in IEC SyC Smart Cities, Convenor of Communication Technologies Work Group in IEC SyC Communication Technologies & Architectures, Co-Editor in ISO/IEC JTC1/WG11 Four Standards, and Chair of Advancing Research Work Group & member Steering Committee of OCEANIS, beyond proactive contributions in many committees in global SDOs.

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