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Nicola Marchetti

Nicola Marchetti (M'13, SM'15) is Associate Professor in Wireless Communications at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. He performs his research under the Irish Research Centre for Future Networks and Communications (CONNECT), where he leads the Wireless Engineering and Complexity Science (WhyCOM) lab. He received the PhD in Wireless Communications from Aalborg University, Denmark in 2007, the MSc in Electronic Engineering from University of Ferrara, Italy in 2003, and the MSc in Mathematics from Aalborg University in 2010.

His research interests include Autonomous and Self-Organising Networks, Communications for Biology, PHY Algorithms and MAC Protocols, and Quantum Communications and Networks. He has authored in excess of 170 journals and conference papers, 2 books and 9 book chapters, holds 4 patents, and received 4 best paper awards. He is a Fellow of Trinity College Dublin.

Lecture Topics
  • More is different. How the Science of Complex Systems can inspire Future Autonomous Networks
  • AI is more than Machine Learning - Alternative Computational Methods for Future Networks
  • Communications meet Machine Learning for Industry 4.0
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