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October 2018 Issue

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Too many publications too little time?

Here is a convenient free service from ComSoc.

IEEE Communications Society Publications Contents Digest is a handy guide that helps readers keep track of the latest published articles in one place. This ComSoc Publications Contents Digest provides lists of current tables of contents of the periodicals sponsored by the Communications Society. Each issue offers readers a rapid means to survey and access the peer-reviewed papers of the IEEE Communications Society.

Readers can take a glimpse of the hot topics. Click on the interested title. The interactive links of the titles take you directly to magazine and journal abstracts and full paper pdfs via IEEE Xplore.

Publications covered by the ComSoc Publications Contents Digest:

IEEE Communications Magazine
IEEE Network Magazine
IEEE Wireless Communications Magazine
IEEE Transactions on Communications
IEEE Journal on Selected Areas In Communications (J-SAC)
IEEE/OSA Journal of Optical Communications & Networking (JOCN)
IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking
IEEE Communications Letters
IEEE Transactions on Network & Service Management (TNSM)
IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications
IEEE Wireless Communications Letters
IEEE Communications Surveys & Tutorials
IEEE/OSA Journal of Lightwave Technology
IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia