About ComSoc Technology News (CTN)

IEEE ComSoc journals, magazines, and conferences publish thousands of papers every month. IEEE Xplore, IEEE’s digital library, already includes nearly 3 million articles and adds 200,000 new articles every year. The sheer quantity of new papers and articles published every month presents a significant challenge for most ComSoc professionals who simply do not have enough time to read them all.

ComSoc Technology News (CTN) is here to help. Initiated by ComSoc Business Development Ad-hoc Committee and inspired by IEEE Technology News, CTN is an online publication that periodically provides the summaries of interesting, timely, and newsworthy papers and articles from ComSoc journals, magazines, and conference proceedings and other IEEE publications. CTN is supported by volunteer Editorial Board members, who are technical experts in diverse fields. They identify papers and articles and work with authors to create summaries, with links to full content in IEEE Xplore, in layman’s language that is accessible to non-specialists, including students, news media reporters, industry and government executives. Summaries are further reviewed and edited by a technical editor. CTN Editor-in-Chief performs the final review prior to publication.

CTN is advertiser supported and provided for free to everyone. CTN can be viewed on mobile devices.

Statements and opinions given in a work published by the IEEE or the IEEE Communications Society are the expressions of the author(s). Responsibility for the content of published articles rests upon the authors(s), not IEEE nor the IEEE Communications Society.