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IEEE Communications Society Industrial Innovation Award

Plaque, certificate, and honorarium of $1000.

The award shall be open to individuals at any level who were industry employees at the time of the accomplishments being recognized.   Candidate need not be an IEEE member.

Basis for Judging
Major industrial accomplishments, standards, deployment of important processes or products, etc, that are of substantial benefit to the public in the field of communications and information technologies and visible beyond the company or institution where the contribution was made.

Nominations will be solicited each year, up to the nominations deadline decided by the Awards Committee.

Administration and Funding
The IEEE Communications Society will administer the award.  Funding will be covered by the annual Communications Society operating budget unless a suitable endowment is established.

Annually (as soon as possible after recommendation). No more than three awards may be made in any calendar year.  The award will not be conferred in any given year if suitable candidates are not identified.  The award will be presented at a major Communication Society annual conference or venue appropriate to the business area of the recipient.

(approved by ComSoc June 2009; pending final IEEE approval)


2014 - Wen Tong
2013 - 
Rajiv Laroia
2012 - 
Stephen Alexander

2011 Lawrence Bernstein
No Award
2009 - 
David Belanger