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ComSoc Technology News (CTN) is a free, online monthly publication that publishes interesting, timely, and newsworthy articles that span a wide range of topics related to the communications technology industry.

Statements and opinions given in a work published by the IEEE or the IEEE Communications Society are the expressions of the author(s). Responsibility for the content of published articles rests upon the authors(s), not IEEE nor the IEEE Communications Society.

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THz Communications – A Catalyst for the Wireless Future

This Feature Topic (FT) aims to shed light on the potential accelerators or showstoppers in the adoption of THz communications as viewed by the different stakeholders, both incumbent and newcomers.


Full-Duplex Transceivers for Future Networks: Theory and Techniques

This Special Issue solicits papers that provide novel contributions to the theory and practice of echo/self-interference cancellation and FD operation, targeting a broad range of physical and MAC layer issues as well as important applications of FD operation in future wireless and wired network designs.


Can Wireless Technologies Flex Today’s Data Centers?

Data centers play an essential role in our modern life and the rise of Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning and other emerging services and applications will drive data centers to perform at a new level. In this issue, Abdulkadir, Abdelbaset, Basem and Mohamed-Slim argue that wireless communications inside of the data center will be a critical new technology to allow data centers to scale. They present an overview of the wireless technologies being proposed, their integration with data centers using new topologies (herringbones and disco balls amongst others!!), and end with some key challenges.