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IEEE Communications Letters publishes high-quality short papers that are focused on theoretical and experimental advances in the general area of communications. The journal focuses on the physical layer and the link layer of communication systems.

IEEE Communications Letters is committed to ensure a timely, rigorous, and unbiased peer-review process for all submitted manuscripts. IEEE Communications Letters follows both a regular and a double-anonymous review process.

Papers published in IEEE Communications Letters are eligible for the Heinrich Hertz Award for Best Communications Letters, which is given to an outstanding manuscript published in IEEE Communications Letters during the previous 3 calendar years.

IEEE Communications Letters has a broad scope that spans all fields of interest of the IEEE Communications Society.

IEEE Communications Letters topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

Artificial Intelligence for Communications
Channel Estimation and Equalization
Cross-layer Design and Analysis
Cognitive Radio Systems
Coding for Communications
Communication and Information Theory
Communication Protocol Design and Analysis
Communication System Performance
Decoding Techniques for Communications
Device-to-device, Cooperative Communications, and Relay-aided Communications
Full-duplex Wireless Communications
Holographic MIMO Communications
IoT Communications
Interference Management and Suppression
Integrated Sensing and Communications
Green, Energy Harvesting Communication, and Ambient Backscattering Systems
Heterogeneous Communication Systems and Networks
MAC Layer for Communications
Machine Learning for Communication Systems
Machine-type Communications
MIMO and Massive MIMO Systems

Millimeter Wave Communications
Modulation and Signal Design
Mobile and Wireless Communication Systems
Nano- and Molecular Communications
Network Coding
Power-line Communications
Physical Layer Security, Information- and Communication-theoretic
Aspects of Security
Quantum Communications
Optical Communications
Optical Wireless Communications
Reconfigurable Surfaces and Intelligent Surfaces
Radio Navigation, Localization, and Positioning for Communications
Resource Allocation and Optimization for Communications
Smart Grid Communications
Source and Channel Coding for Communications
Traffic Modeling and Control
UAV, Satellite, and Space Communications
Ultra-wideband Communications
Underwater and Underground Communications
Vehicular Communications

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