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IEEE Communications Letters Follows a Double Blind Review Process.

Since May 1, 2013, IEEE Communications Letters has followed a double-blind review process. This means that the reviewers are unknown to the authors and that the authors are unknown to the reviewers. The double-blind review process prevents bias or perception of bias towards the authors.

Authors submitting their manuscripts to IEEE Communications Letters need to comply with the following guidelines:

  • Names, affiliations and IEEE grades (e.g., Senior Member IEEE, Fellow IEEE) need to be removed from the manuscript. The writing Author 1, Author 2, etc. need to be used. The same applies to the affiliations of the authors in the footnote.
  • References to funding and acknowledgments need to be removed.
  • The use of terms like "my" or "our" when referring to authors’ prior work is not permitted. Third person statements need to be used instead, e.g., "In [ref], it was shown that...").
  • It is not permitted to publish the manuscript submitted for review, before submission and for the entire duration of the review process including the resubmissions, to e-prints repositories (e.g., where the identity of the authors or any other information mentioned above is revealed.

It is worth nothing that names, affiliations, funding, acknowledgments, and IEEE grades will be available in the published version of the paper, if accepted for publication.