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The guest editors of a special issue select the reviewers for papers submitted to their special issue. Those interested in reviewing papers for JSAC should consult the set of upcoming special issues with currently-open calls for papers to determine whether any of the topics of these issues coincides with their interests and expertise. If there is a match, a person interested in reviewing for JSAC should contact the guest editors for the particular special issue to see whether additional reviewers are needed; contact information for the guest editors is provided in each call for papers.

The review process is perhaps the most difficult and the most important part of the process of producing a JSAC special issue. Critical reviews by knowledgeable reviewers are the only way that a quality issue can be assured. Reviewers must take the time and make the effort necessary to carefully and thoughtfully review papers. A review should highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the paper, and it should contain detailed recommendations for improving the paper, independent of whether the reviewer recommends acceptance or rejection of the paper. Moreover, the review should provide sufficient justification for the reviewer's ultimate decision on the paper. A brief review containing vague comments is of no value; it neither assists the guest editors in making a decision about the paper nor helps the authors in revising their paper. Substantial critical reviews are key to producing a high-quality JSAC special issue.

IEEE and ComSoc take very seriously author misconduct, including plagiarism and multiple submissions. A reviewer detecting such problems in a submission to a special issue should immediately notify the guest editors of the special issue. Please refer to ComSoc's policy on plagiarism and multiple submissions for more detailed information on what constitutes author misconduct and how it is handled.