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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
The Future of Wi-Fi and Wireless Technologies in Unlicensed Spectra Third Quarter 2025
Co-Design of Communication, Computing, and Control in Industrial Cyber-Physical Systems Second Quarter 2025
Building a More Secure Future: Developing Unbreakable Communication Protocols for the Quantum Era Second Quarter 2025
Advances in Internet Routing and Addressing Fourth Quarter 2024
Zero Trust for Next-Generation Networking First Quarter 2025
Rethinking the Information Identification, Representation, and Transmission Pipeline: New Approaches to Data Compression and Communication Second Quarter 2025 Closed
Next-Generation Optical Communications and Networking Fourth Quarter 2024 Closed
Next Generation Advanced Transceiver Technologies Fourth Quarter 2024 Closed
Integrated Ground-Air-Space Wireless Networks for 6G Mobile Fourth Quarter 2024 Closed
Advanced Optimization Theory and Algorithms for Next Generation Wireless Communication Networks Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Positioning and Sensing Over Wireless Networks Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Electromagnetic Nanonetworks: From On-chip Communication to Wearable and Implantable Networks Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Space Communications New Frontiers: From Near Earth to Deep Space Second Quarter 2024 Closed
The Quantum Internet: Principles, Protocols, and Architectures Second Quarter 2024 Closed
Electromagnetic Signal and Information Theory for Communications First Quarter 2024 Closed
Human-Centric Communication and Networking for Metaverse over 5G and Beyond Networks First Quarter 2024 Closed
5G/6G Precise Positioning on Cooperative Intelligent Transportation Systems (C-ITS) and Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) Fourth Quarter 2023 Closed
Open RAN: A New Paradigm for Open, Virtualized, Programmable, and Intelligent Cellular Networks Fourth Quarter 2023 Closed
Digital Twins for Mobile Networks Fourth Quarter 2023 Closed
3GPP Technologies: 5G-Advanced and Beyond Third Quarter 2023 Closed
Full Duplex and its Applications Third Quarter 2023 Closed
xURLLC in 6G: Next Generation Ultra-Reliable and Low-Latency Communications Third Quarter 2023 Closed
Beyond Shannon Communications: A Paradigm Shift to Catalyze 6G Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Rate Splitting for Future Wireless Networks Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Multi-Tier Computing for Next Generation Wireless Networks First Quarter 2023 Closed
Beyond Transmitting Bits: Context, Semantics and Task-Oriented Communications Fourth Quarter 2022 Closed
Communication-Efficient Distributed Learning over Networks Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Intelligent Blockchain for Future Communications and Networking: Technologies, Trends and Applications Fourth Quarter 2022 Closed
Edge-Based Wireless Communications Technologies to Counter Communicable Infectious Diseases Fourth Quarter 2022 Closed
Antenna Array Enabled Space/Air/Ground Communications and Networking Third Quarter 2022 Closed
Integrated Sensing and Communication Second Quarter 2022 Closed
Next Generation Multiple Access First Quarter 2022 Closed
Private Information Retrieval, Private Coded Computing over Distributed Servers, and Privacy in Distributed Learning First Quarter 2022 Closed
Distributed Learning over Wireless Edge Networks Fourth Quarter 2021 Closed
UAV Communications in 5G and Beyond Networks Third Quarter 2021 Closed
Latest Advances in Optical Networks for 5G Communications and Beyond Third Quarter 2021 Closed
Age of Information in Real-time Systems and Networks Second Quarter 2021 Closed
TeraHertz Communications and Networking Second Quarter 2021 Closed
Massive Access for 5G and Beyond First/Second Quarter 2021 Closed
Wireless Networks Empowered by Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
5G Wireless Communications with High Mobility Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Networking Second Quarter 2020 Closed
Multiple Antenna Technologies for Beyond 5G Second Quarter 2020 Closed
Smart Data Pricing for Next Generation Networks Second Quarter 2020 Closed
Leveraging Machine Learning in SDN/NFV-Based Networks First Quarter 2020 Closed
Millimeter-Wave Networking Fourth Quarter 2019 Closed
Machine Learning in Wireless Communication Closed
Spatial Modulation in Emerging Wireless Systems Closed
Multimedia Economics for Future Networks: Theory, Methods and Applications Closed
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Networking and Communications Closed
Ultra-Reliable Low-Latency Communications in Wireless Networks Closed


Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
Machine Learning in Communications and Networks Closed
Internet of Things for In-Home Health Monitoring First Quarter 2021 Closed
Series on Network Softwarization & Enablers Discontinued