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Once an article has been accepted for your issue, instruct the authors to visit the checklist for authors. Every author is responsible for reading this material, especially the section on overlength page charges. All correspondence with authors of a paper must be sent to all authors listed as such on the paper. Correspondence includes but is not limited to acknowledgement of receipt of submissions, paper reviews, and paper acceptance and rejection decisions. Thus, it is very important that you obtain name and contact information for all authors listed on each paper submitted to your special issue.

For your issue of JSAC, the following items are required from you:

  • Copies of the acceptance/rejection letters, along with the reviewers' comments, that you mail to the authors should also be sent to the JSAC Board Representative assigned to your issue. This is only required if guest editors submitted papers to your issue.
  • The following should be sent to IEEE Publishing at least FOUR months prior to publication date.
    1. A list containing the 1) titles of manuscripts; 2) received and revised dates for each manuscript; and 3) full names of authors, their mailing addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and FAX numbers. (In the case of more than one author, please indicate one person to whom correspondence should be directed.)
    2. Table of Contents for issue
    3. Guest Editorial (after being reviewed by JSAC Board Representative)
    4. Guest Editors' bios and photos
    5. Contents of the issue (hard copies or pdfs of the copyright forms and articles, LaTex files of manuscripts, and authors' supporting materials). All electronic files should be named appropriately including figures (fig1, fig2, etc.). The Executive Editor will provide information about where materials should be sent.
  • List of reviewers/referees you used in the review process should be forwarded to the Executive Editor. The list of reviewers for the year is published in the December issue. In this way the efforts of the reviewers can be recognized.
  • The title and authors of any outstanding papers - regular papers as well as tutorials and overviews - in the issue should be forwarded to the Executive Editor, together with a brief description of the special merits of these papers. These serve as your prize paper nominations. A number of awards are presented annually by the IEEE Communications Society. It is a significant honor to receive one of these awards.
  • Statistics Questionnaire should be forwarded to the Executive Editor. This material is required by IEEE.
  • The title, authors, and contact information for authors of papers in the issue that are likely to be of particular interest to practitioners should be forwarded to the Executive Editor, along with a brief description of the practical aspects of each such paper. The authors of such papers may subsequently be contacted to provide a brief summary of their paper for publication in ComSoc Technology News which is geared toward ComSoc members in industry.