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The call for papers must be well-written since the it is the only public notification of the issue. The call is published in JSAC and in other publications of the Communications Society, as well as being made available through the JSAC Web pages. The call must fit on a single page and must give the publication schedule for the issue and the names and addresses of the Guest Editors. Although styles vary considerably, all calls contain the information necessary to fully specify the scope of the issue and other essential information.

The most common mistake made in developing a call for papers is that of making the call too broad in technical scope. The result of such a call is that many papers will be submitted that do not match the Guest Editors' view of the issue. A second challenge is to ensure that the dates published in the call are realistic. Excessively long lead times adversely affect the timeliness of the published material and therefore make the issue less attractive to potential authors. Lead times that are too short place a significant burden on the authors and reviewers.