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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
Industrial Communication Networks (ICNets) for Industry 5.0 Third Quarter 2025
Emerging Modulation Techniques Towards 6G Networks Fourth Quarter 2024
Trustworthy AI-Enabled Edge Computing in Next-Generation Wireless Networks Fourth Quarter 2024
Challenges and Opportunities in Metaverse-based Communication and Networking Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Resource-Efficient Collaborative Deep Learning over B5G/6G Networks Fourth Quarter 2023 Closed
Collaborative AI for Edge-Cloud Computing and Applications Third Quarter 2023 Closed
Advancements for 6G: Novel Results, Testbeds and Standardization Third Quarter 2023 Closed
Multi-Function RIS for 6G: Models, Design, and Future Directions Third Quarter 2023 Closed
Distributed Edge Learning in Wireless Networks Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Reconfigurable Holographic MIMO Surfaces for 6G Wireless Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Intelligent Communication and Perceptual of Smart City Towards 6G: Emerging Trends and Challenges Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Communication-inspired Artificial Intelligence in Beyond 5G Networks First Quarter 2023 Closed
Rate-Splitting and Multiple Access Techniques for 6G Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Augmenting UAV Capabilities in Industry 4.0 Second Quarter 2023 Closed
Integrated Sensing and Communications for Multi-functional Networks in 6G Era Fourth Quarter 2022 Closed
AI Powered Wireless Emergency Communications Networks Third Quarter 2022 Closed
Deep Learning for Future Wireless Communications Third Quarter 2022 Closed
Enabling Technologies for Smart Communication and Networking in 6G Era Second Quarter 2022 Closed
Optimization and Economics of Fog/Edge Networks First Quarter 2022 Closed
Blockchain-enabled Collaborative Cognitive Communication Systems First Quarter 2022 Closed
Security and Privacy for the Transformative Technologies in 5G and Beyond First Quarter 2022 Closed
Low-Power Wide-Area Networks Fourth Quarter 2021 Closed
Wireless Powered Communications for Future Wireless Networks Fourth Quarter 2021 Closed
Machine Learning for Optical Communications and Networking Third Quarter 2021 Closed
Aerial Wireless Networks: Drones for Communications and Communications for Drones Second Quarter 2021 Closed
Towards Artificial Intelligence-of-Things (AIoT) Systems Second Quarter 2021 Closed
Full-Duplex Transceivers for Future Networks: Theory and Techniques Second Quarter 2021 Closed
Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access for 5G and Beyond First Quarter 2021 Closed
Reconfigurable Intelligent Surface-Based Communications for 6G Wireless Networks First Quarter 2021 Closed
Edge Intelligence for Immersive Communications Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
Cyber Forensics for Emerging Technologies Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
Software-Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualization with Artificial Intelligence Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
Softwarization and Intelligence in Edge Computing Fourth Quarter 2020 Closed
Large-Scale Wireless Powered Networks with Backscatter Communications Third Quarter 2020 Closed
Optical Wireless Communications Third Quarter 2020 Closed