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Publication Date

First Quarter 2022

Manuscript Submission Deadline

Special Issue

Call for Papers

The IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society (OJ-COMS) invites manuscript submissions in the area of optimization and economics of edge and fog networks.

The recent increase in the number of devices gaining significant computing power and Internet connectivity has fueled the rise of fog and edge computing paradigms, in which mobile applications access computing resources not just at remote cloud servers but near-by edge servers. However, as edge and fog computing become more popular, optimizing access to these (limited) resources has become an increasingly urgent problem. Economic mechanisms can modulate access for different users, yet existing economic theories may fail to account for fog/edge computing-specific challenges such as the pervasiveness of computing resources and heterogeneity of application performance requirements.

This special issue solicits papers in all areas related to the optimization and economics of fog and edge computing. We particularly welcome papers that address or are relevant to communication in edge or fog computing systems. We will consider papers that employ any methods to propose or examine new ideas in edge/fog computing, e.g., proposing or analyzing mathematical models and algorithms, or providing experimental results and/or implementation designs. We also welcome policy or position papers that advocate regulatory mechanisms or societal considerations for managing edge and fog computing systems. Specific topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Joint optimization of computing and communication resources
  • AI-based methods for configuring or managing edge and fog computing systems
  • Application-specific needs for edge and fog resources, e.g., distributed sensing or learning applications
  • Tradeoffs between application performance, resource utilization, energy expenditures, and other performance metrics
  • Pricing of edge and fog computing resources
  • Competition between edge and fog resource providers
  • Allocation of edge and fog resources to competing users
  • Policy recommendations for edge and fog computing systems
  • Data management, Novel service, Security and privacy in edge and fog networks
  • Blockchain and smart contract applications in edge/fog computing
  • Game-theoretic models for edge and fog computing

Submission Guidelines

Prospective authors should submit their manuscripts following the IEEE OJ-COMMS guidelines. Authors should submit manuscript to Manuscript Central.

Lead Guest Editor

Carlee Joe-Wong, Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Guest Editors

Eitan Altman, INRIA, France
Luoyi Fu, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China
Sangtae Ha, University of Colorado at Boulder, USA
David Starobinski, Boston University, USA

For inquiries regarding this Special Issue, please contact the Lead Guest Editor.