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Publication Date

Second Quarter 2021

Manuscript Submission Deadline

Special Issue

Call for Papers

IEEE OJ-COMS invites manuscript submissions in the area of Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT) Systems.

Artificial intelligence is carving its own space due to the self-sustainable nature with self-governing and independent decision making in this world where the future belongs to the connected devices forming the Internet-of-things (IoT). From smart homes, smart roads to smart globe, intelligent IoT is bound to play a great role that will dramatically change not only our daily lives but human civilization.

The IoT and artificial intelligence (AI) have recently drawn the attention of researchers and scientists almost in parallel. Several AI problem-solving algorithms have been proposed, most of which still are at early stages, improving and evolving with time. These algorithms can process huge amounts of data and make intelligent decisions independently. On the other hand, the development of the IoT, however, has already attained considerable achievements. It is only a matter of time before IoT devices surround everything, everywhere.

The artificial intelligence-of-things (AIoT) combines AI with IoT technology. AIoT will evolve the existing IoT standards to form autonomous future communication architectures to support intelligent data exchange between millions and millions of devices. Intelligence in the state-of-the-art network paradigms comprising network function virtualization, software-defined networks and network slicing architectures will further enhance the network resource utilization. AIoT applications including health care, agriculture, smart homes, security, and autonomous vehicles will soon become a necessity in the future advanced societies.

Considering the importance of the AIoT, this special issue seeks to collect relevant and original research and review articles to advance the field and encourage researchers to further explore the area. We welcome contributions from both industry and academia to highlight and introduce solutions to the challenges associated with the AIoT.    

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Intelligent future IoT architecture
  • Intelligent security and privacy for the IoT
  • Intelligent IoT solutions for smart eHealth
  • Intelligent green computing in the IoT
  • Intelligent industrial IoT
  • Intelligent IoT communication and network virtualization
  • Intelligent edge/cloud computing for the IoT
  • Intelligent IoT applications
  • Intelligent Internet-of-underwater things (IoUT)
  • Protocols and standards for intelligent IoT
  • Intelligent Internet-of-vehicles

Submission Guidelines

Submit manuscript to Manuscript Central. For information regarding IEEE OJ-COMS including its publication policy and fees, please visit the website.

Lead Guest Editor

Syed Hassan Ahmed, JMA Wireless, USA

Guest Editors

Joel J. P. C. Rodrigues, Federal University of Piauí, Brazil; Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal
Wael Guibene, Charter Communications, USA
Safdar Hussain Bouk, DGIST, Korea
Jaime Lloret Mauri, Universitat Politècnica de València, Valencia, Spain

For inquiries regarding this Special Issue, please contact Syed Hassan Ahmed.