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Tolga M. Duman
Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Editorial Assistant

Mohammad Kazemi
Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Senior Editors

N. Al-Dhahir
The University of Texas at Dallas
Richardson, TX

E. Ayanoglu
Univ. of California
Irvine, CA

R. Schober
Univ. of British Columbia
Vancouver, Canada

M. Zorzi
Univ. of Padova
Padova, Italy


Coding and Information Theory

A. Graell i Amat, Area Editor
Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden

M. Ardakani, Editor at Large, Rateless Codes and Network Coding
Univ. of Alberta.,  Edmonton, Canada

L. Chen, Algebraic Coding Techniques and Coded Modulation
Sun Yat-sen Univ.  Guangzhou, China

G. Durisi, Wireless Communications and Information Theory
Chalmers Univ. of Technology, Sweden

J. Ha, Sparse Graph Codes and Coding for Storage
KAIST, Daejeon, South Korea

Q. Huang, Coding for Distributed Storage and Iterative Decoding 
Beihang Uni., Beijing, China

G. Liva, Codes-on-Graphs and Coding for Optical Communications
German Aerospace Center, Oberpfaffenhofen-Wessling, Germany

H. Mahdavifar, Algebraic coding; Coding for Privacy and Security
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI

A. E. Pusane, Iteratively Decodable Codes and Their Applications
Bogazici Univ., Istanbul, Turkey

E. Rosnes, Iterative Decoding and Coding for Distributed Information Systems
Simula UiB, Bergen, Norway

I. Tal, Polar Codes and Constrained Coding
Technion – Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel

P. Trifonov, Polar Codes and Algebraic Coding Techniques
Saint-Petersburg State Polytechnic Univ., Saint-Petersburg, Russia

R. Venkataramanan, Information Theory, Iterative Algorithms
Univ. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK

J. Yuan, Coding for Wireless Communications
Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Communication Theory & Systems I

J. Cheng, Area Editor
University of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

S. Aissa, Editor at Large, Energy Harvesting, Full Duplex, Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces
INRS, Montreal, Canada

M. Bennis, Low-Latency and Ultra-Reliable Communication, Caching, and Computing
Univ. of Oulu, Finland

M. Bhatnagar, Physical Layer Security, MIMO Communications
Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

A. S.  Cacciapuoti, Cognitive Radio, mmWave/THz Communications, 5G Networks Modeling and Analysis, Quantum Communications and Networks
Uni. of Naples Federico II, Naples, Italy

J. Choi, Coded Modulation and Machine Type Communications
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Gwangju, South Korea

L. Dai, Millimeter-wave, Massive MIMO, and Multiple Access
Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China

Y. Deng, Internet of Things and Molecular Communications
King's College London, London, UK

T. Kim, Large Array and Feedback Communications
Uni. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Y. Liu, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA), Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Communications, Intelligent Reflecting Surfaces
Queen Mary University of London, UK

L. Sanguinetti, Massive MIMO, Energy Efficiency, Signal Processing for MIMO
Univ. of Pisa, Pisa, Italy

N. Tran, Coding and Relay Communications
Univ. of Akron, Akron, OH

L. Wei, Millimeter Wave Communication, Current & Future Communication Systems, Heterogeneous Networks
Intel Corporation, USA

M. Wen, Index Modulation, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access, and Molecular Communications
South China Univ. of Technology, Guangzhou, China

X. Yuan, Cooperative Communications and Compressed Sensing
ShanghaiTech Univ., Shanghai, China

J. Zhang, Massive MIMO, mmWave/THz Communications, Performance Analysis
Beijing Jiaotong Uni., China

Communication Theory & Systems II

S. Muhaidat, Area Editor
Khalifa University, UAE

H. Minn, Editor at Large, Synchronization and Equalization
The Univ. of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

E. Basar, MIMO, Index Modulation, Beyond 5G & 6G Communications
Koç University, Turkey

D. B. da Costa, Millimeter-wave, Energy Harvesting, and IoT
Federal University of Ceará, Sobral, Brazil

W. Hamouda, MIMO, mm-Wave Communications, Cognitive Radios
Concordia Univ, Montreal, Canada

J. Hossian, Radio Resource Allocation for Wireless Networks, Cognitive Radio
Univ. of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

M. A. Imran, AI and Machine Learning for Communications Systems, Energy Efficient Cellular Networks, Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications
Uni. of Glasgow , UK

L. Jalloul, Machine Learning for Large MIMO Detection, Hybrid-Beamforming, Interference Mitigation and/or Cancellation
Apple Inc., San Jose, CA

L. Lampe, Power Line and Smart Grid Communication Systems
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

X. Lei, Multiple Access, Emerging Communication Technologies, Wireless Security
Southwest Jiaotong University, China

M. Vaezi, Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA), Physical Layer Security
Machine Learning for MIMO Communications

Villanova Uni., PA

F. Verde, Modeling and optimization of Wireless systems, Multiple Access Schemes, and Green Communications
University of Napoli Federico II, Naples, Italy

J. Xu, Integrated Sensing and Communications, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications, Mobile Edge Computing
The Chinese University Of Hong Kong, Shenzhen, China

H. Zhang, Resource Allocation and Heterogeneous Networks
Uni. of Science and Technology Beijing, China

R. Zhang, Multiuser MIMO, Wireless Power Transfer, and Drone Communication
National University of Singapore, Singapore

F. Zhou, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications, Mobile Edge Computing, Resource Allocation and Optimization
Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, China

Machine Learning & Communications

D. Gunduz, Area Editor
Imperial College London, London, UK

V. Aggarwal, Communication Networks, Distributed Computing, and Reinforcement Learning
Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

A. Alkhateeb, Machine Learning for Millimeter Wave and MIMO Systems
Arizona State Univ., Tempe, AZ

F. Gao, Machine Learning for PHY and UAV Communications
Tsinghua University, China

M. C. Gursoy, Reinforcement Learning and Deep Learning for Communication Networks
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

C.-H. Lee, Machine Learning for PHY, Resource Allocation, and Cross-Layer Design
National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan

C. Murthy, Bayesian Learning, Sparsity, and 5G/6G Communications
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India

R. F. Schaefer, Security and Privacy, Adversarial Machine Learning, and Machine Learning for Coding
Technische Universitat Berlin, Berlin, Germany

J. Zhang, Edge AI and Machine Learning for Resource Allocation
The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univ., Hong Kong 

Networking & Cross-Layer Design

V. Wong, Area Editor
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada

W. Saad, Editor at Large, Game Theory, Drone Communications, Learning
Virginia Tech., Blacksburg, VA

L. Cai, Network Protocol Design and Resource Management
Uni. of Victoria, Canada

L. Chen, Optimization and Control of Networks and Cyber-physical Systems
Univ. of Colorado at BoulderCO

S. Coleri, Optimal Resource Allocation and Cyber-physical Systems
Koc Uni., Istanbul, Turkey

X. Costa-Pérez, Network Slicing and Data-Driven Networks Resource Management
NEC Laboratories Europe, Heidelberg, Germany 

C. Fischione, Millimeter Wave Networking and Optimization for Communication Systems 
KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden

T. He, Cross-Layer Design and Networking, Heterogeneous Networks
Pennsylvania State Univ., PA

L. Huang, Stochastic Modeling and Network Optimization
Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China

G. Iosifidis, Wireless Edge Computing and the Internet of Things
Delft University Of Technology, Netherlands

C. Jiang, Resource Allocation, Heterogeneous Terrestrial-Satellite Networks
Tsinghua University, China

C. Li, Wireless Networks, IoT, Underwater Communications and Networking
Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada

D. Marabissi, Heterogeneous Wireless Networks, Resource and Interference Management
Uni. of Firenze, Firenze, Italy

N. Pappas, Cooperative Networks and Queueing Theory
Linköping Univ., Sweden

W. Wang, Mobility and Resource Management
North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC

Optical Communications

W. Shieh, Area Editor
Univ. of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

A. Khalighi, Editor at Large, Optical Wireless Communications 
Institut Fresnel, France

A. Chaaban, Information Theory, Wireless Communications and Optical Networking
Univ. of British Columbia, Kelowna, Canada

H. Elgala, Optical Wireless Systems and Networks 
Uni. at Albany State Uni. of New York, NY

A. Fumagalli, Optical Network Architectures, Modeling, and Optimization
Univ. of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX

M. Safari, Communication Theory for Optical Wireless, Optical Fiber, and Quantum Channels
Univ. of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, UK

M. Secondini, Optical Modulation and Information Theory
TeCIP Institute, Pisa, Italy

Z. Wang, Optical Wireless Communications, Visible Light Communications, and Optical Wireless Systems and Networks
Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China

W. Xu, Visible Light Communications, Optical Wireless Communications, and Information Theory
Southeast Univ., China

G.-C. Yang, Optical Modulation and Information Theory
National Chung Hsing Univ., Taichung, Taiwan

Source-Channel Coding & Signal Processing

J. Kliewer, Area Editor
New Jersey Institute of Technology, Newark, NJ

V. Stankovic, Editor at Large, Network Source/Channel Coding and Processing
Univ. of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom

S. Bhashyam, Multiterminal communications and source-channel coding, Wireless communications
IIT Madras, Chennai, India

A. Cohen, Network Information Theory and Network Coding, Physical Layer Security, Source/Channel Coding and Cross-Layer Design
Ben-Gurion Univ., Beer Sheva, Israel

M. Ji, Caching, Coded Computation, Distributed Storage, Information Theory
University of Utah, UT

S. Mohajer, Coded Caching, Distributed Storage Systems, Network Coding
Uni.  of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

L. Ong, Wireless Relaying, Index and Network Coding, Network Information Theory
The Univ. of Newcastle, Australia

S. Rini, Source-Channel Coding and Multi-Terminal Information Theory
National Chiao Tung Univ., Hsinchu, Taiwan

R. Tandon, Coded Caching and Computing, Distributed Storage, Information Theoretic Security and Privacy
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ

R. Thobaben, Source/Channel Coding Techniques and Multiterminal Communications
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm

C. Tian, Source/Channel Coding and Information Theory
The Univ. of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN

Wireless Communications I

H. Dai, Area Editor
NC State Univ., Raleigh, NC

O. Oyman, Editor at Large, Cooperative and Heterogeneous Networks
Intel Corp., Santa Clara, CA

W. Chen, Cross-layer Design, Caching, and Cooperative Communications
Tsinghua Univ., Beijing, China

X. Chen, Non-orthogonal Multiple Access, Multiple-Antenna Techniques, and Physical Layer Security
Zhejiang Univ., China

Y.-W. P. Hong, Physical Layer Security, Cooperative Communications, and Energy Harvesting Communications
National Tsing Hua Univ., Hsinchu, Taiwan

N. Lee, MIMO Communications, Communications Using Sparse Signal Processing
Postech, S. Korea

Y. Li, Millimeter Wave, Energy Harvesting, and Cooperative Communications 
Univ. of Sydney, Sydney, Australia

A. Maaref, Beyond 5G & 6G Communications, Massive MIMO/mmWave/THz Communications, Integrated Non-Terrestrial Communications
Huawei Technologies, Canada

C. Masouros, Massive MIMO, Milimeter Wave and Energy Efficient Communications 
Uni. College London, London, United Kingdom

D. W. K. Ng, Resource Allocation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Communications, Energy-Efficient Wireless Communications
Univ. of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

Z. Qin, Machine Learning and Compressive Sensing for Communications, Internet of Things
Queen Mary Univ. of London, London, United Kingdom

B. Shim, Sparse Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Communications
Seoul National Uni. , Seoul, Korea

L. Song, Cooperative Communications, Cognitive Communications, MIMO
Peking Univ., Beijing, China

Y. Wu, Multiuser/Massive MIMO, Massive Random Access, Physical Layer Security
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., Shanghai, China

L. Xiao, Wireless Communications with AI, Wireless Security Game and Physical Layer Security
Rutgers Univ., North Brunswick, NJ

C. Yuen, MIMO Systems, Smart Grid Communications, Machine-Type Communications
Singapore Univ. of Technology and Design, Singapore

Wireless Communications II

T. A. Tsiftsis, Area Editor
Jinan Uni. , China

A. Nallanathan, Editor at Large, Cooperative Communications, Wireless Power Transfer and Molecular Communications
Queen Mary University of London', London, United Kingdom

M. Abdallah, Cognitive, Relay, and Cooperative Communications
Hamad Bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar

S. Affes, Signal Processing for Wireless Communications, Relayed, Cooperative, Collaborative, and Distributed Wireless Communications
INRS, Montreal, Canada

E. Björnson, Massive MIMO, Energy Efficiency, and Hardware Impairments 
Linköping University, Linköping, Sweden

W. Chen, Cooperative Communications, Network Coding, Green Communications and Multiple Access
Shanghai Jiao Tong Univ., Shanghai, China

A. Garcia Armada, Multicarrier Waveforms, Massive MIMO, Channel Estimation
Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Madrid, Spain

K. J. Kim, Cooperative Communications, Spectrum Sharing, and Physical Layer Security
Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories, Cambridge, MA

J. Liu, UAV Communications, Ad hoc Networking and Communications, Vehicular Communications
Northwestern Polytechnical University, China

F. J. Lopez-Martinez, Channel Modeling, Random Matrix Theory &Applications, and Performance Analysis
Uni. of Malaga, Malaga, Spain

S. Ma, Massive MIMO, Cooperative, and Full-Duplex Communications
Univ. Macau, China

D. Niyato, Resource Allocation, Heterogeneous Networks, and Wireless Power Transfer
Nanyang Technological Uni., Singapore

S. M. Perlaza, Decentralized Wireless Networks and SWIPT, Communications Systems with Feedback
INRIA, France

H. A. Suraweera, Massive MIMO, Full-duplex and UAV Communications
Uni. of Peradeniya, Peradeniya, Sri Lanka

H.-M. Wang, PHY Security, MIMO, and Relaying
Xi'an Jiao Tong Univ, Xi'an Shaanxi, China

J. A. Zhang, Joint Communication and Radar Sensing, Integrated Space-Air-Ground Communications, mmWave Communications
Univ. of Technology Sydney, Australia