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Manuscripts should be prepared following the manuscript submission format below and submitted to the online manuscript system, ScholarOne Manuscripts. Do not send original submissions or revisions directly to the Editor-in-Chief or Associate Editors; they will access your manuscript electronically via the Manuscript Central system.

If necessary, create an account in the on-line submission system ScholarOne Manuscripts. Please check first if you already have an existing account which is based on your e-mail address and may have been created for you when you reviewed or authored a previous paper.

Submitting a New Manuscript or a Revision

Papers should be concisely written and be submitted in a single-column double-spaced format in 12-point font and cannot be longer than 30 pages including text, tables, and figures. Authors are required to upload the double-spaced single-column version of the manuscript as a PDF file. Please note manuscripts not conforming to this review format will be returned without review. Please include a 75- to 200-word concise yet comprehensive abstract which includes a few keywords or phrases that will help readers to find it. Revised papers are limited to 32 pages.

If all or part of the paper was previously presented at one or more conferences, a statement such as the following should appear in the authors' footnote on the first page of the paper at the time of submission:

"This paper was presented [in part] at ... [and ...]."

Supplemental materials intended to appear with the final paper (see below) must also be uploaded for review at the time of the initial submission for consideration in the review process. Use short filenames without spaces or special characters. When the upload of each file is completed, you will be asked to provide a description of that file.

Proofread your submission, confirming that all figures and equations are visible in your uploaded document and that there are no font or graphics issues before you submit your manuscript.

After uploading all files and proofreading them, submit your manuscript by clicking "Submit." A confirmation of the successful submission will open on-screen containing the manuscript tracking number and will be followed with an e-mail confirmation to the corresponding and all contributing authors.

Accepted Manuscripts

Authors are required to prepare final manuscripts employing the on-line style files developed by IEEE, which include guidelines for abbreviations, mathematics, and graphics. All manuscripts accepted for publication will require the authors to make final submission employing these style files. Authors can download a LaTeX template for their submission. Note that the format for final accepted papers is two-column single space IEEE Transactions format and is different from the manuscript during the review process.

TGCN is a hybrid journal allowing either:

Traditional manuscript submission enables access to qualified subscribers and purchasers via IEEE Xplore. No payment is required other than the overlength charges. Overlength charges: The authors will be billed US$200 per page in excess of the first 10 published pages.

Open access (author-pays OA) manuscript submission at the discounted rate of US$2495 per article, as of 1 January 2024. This allows the author to maintain copyright of the article and allows everyone to access it.


English language editing services can help refine the language of your article and reduce the risk of rejection without review. IEEE authors are eligible for discounts at several language editing services; visit the IEEE Author Center to learn more. Please note these services are fee-based and do not guarantee acceptance.