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The new TMBMC article type "Methods and Data" allows authors to submit manuscripts that include experimental protocols, data sets, and data analysis methods. These manuscripts should encourage growth in the use of experimental methods and the use and analysis of established data sets.

All submissions must be based on high-quality research that has already been published or accepted in a peer-reviewed venue, either by the same authors or by another group, and this must be clearly indicated. Thus, a "Methods and Data" submission does not need to verify the underlying research. Instead, a submission should focus on the description of the experimental setup and the value of the provided data set.

A "Methods and Data" submission must provide a description of the necessary lab equipment and the steps for performing a physical experiment.  Experiments do not need to be described at the level of a user manual, but should have substantially more details than any previous work using the same setup and the level of detail should enable the work to be reproducible by someone who is not an expert in the area.

An original data set from the experiment must be provided. This data set should be of demonstrable value for the T-MBMC community. There should also be a brief example(s) of how to use the data, and this should also be novel (and in particular distinct from previous works that used the method). Data sets should be placed on IEEE DataPort with open access (open access uploads are currently free for IEEE members) and be available as part of the review process. Alternatively, data can be uploaded to CodeOcean.

Submissions are expected to be 6-8 pages. If more space is required (e.g., if the description of the experimental protocol is very long), then these details should be provided as supplementary material.

As a sample submission, please refer to the first published "Methods and Data" paper.