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Voluntary Page Charges. Upon acceptance of a manuscript for publication, the author(s) or his/her/their company or institution will be asked to pay a charge of $110 per page to cover part of the cost of publication of the first ten pages that comprise the standard length (two pages, in the case of Correspondences).

Mandatory Page Charges. Note that any paper in excess of 10 pages will be subject to mandatory overlength page charges. Since changes recommended as a result of peer review may require additions to the manuscript, it is strongly recommended that you practice economy in preparing original submissions. Exceptions to manuscript length requirements may, under extraordinary circumstances, be granted by the Editor-in-Chief. However, such exception does not obviate your requirement to pay any and all overlength or additional charges that attach to the manuscript. The author(s) or his/her/their company or institution will be billed $220 per each page in excess of the first ten published pages. These are mandatory page charges and the author(s) will be held responsible for them. They are not negotiable or voluntary. The author(s) signifies his willingness to pay these charges simply by submitting his/her/their manuscript to the TRANSACTIONS. The Publisher holds the right to withhold publication under any circumstance, as well as publication of the current or future submissions of authors who have outstanding mandatory page charge debt. No mandatory overlength page charges will be applied to overview articles or invited articles in the journals.

Color Charges. Color figures which appear in color only in the electronic (Xplore) version can be used free of charge. In this case, the figure will be printed in the hardcopy version in grayscale, and the author is responsible that the corresponding grayscale figure is intelligible. Color reproduction charges for print are the responsibility of the author. Details of the associated charges can be found on the IEEE Publications page.

Payment of fees on color reproduction is not negotiable or voluntary, and the author’s agreement to publish the manuscript in these Transactions is considered acceptance of this requirement.