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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
AI-driven Cybersecurity for Healthcare Cyber Physical Systems 2022
The Nexus Between Edge Computing and AI for 6G Networks 2022
Healthcare Social Analytics 2022
Computational Intelligence and Advanced Learning for Next-Generation Industrial IoT 2022
AI-Powered Internet of Everything (IoE) Services in Next-Generation Wireless Networks 2022 Closed
Collaborative Machine Learning for Next-generation Intelligent Applications 2022 Closed
Computing and Networking for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Closed
AI-Driven 6G Mobile Wireless Networks: Key Enabling Theories, Architectures, Protocols, and Techniques Closed
Communication-Efficient Distributed Machine Learning Closed
Social Computing and Social Internet of Things Closed
Efficient Network Design for Convergence of Deep Learning and Edge Computing Closed
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Enabled Reconfigurable Wireless Networks Closed
Security and Privacy for AI Models and Applications Closed
Advanced Networking Technologies in the Battle Against the Outbreak of Epidemic Diseases Closed
Intelligence-Empowered Collaboration among Space, Air, Ground, and Sea Mobile Networks towards B5G Closed
Security and Privacy Issues of Smart Network Systems Closed
Artificial Intelligence Security: Adversarial Attack and Defense Closed
Cognitive Software Defined Networks and Applications Closed
Reloading Feature-rich Information Networks Closed
Artificial Intelligence for Social Networks Closed