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Paper Topic Publication Date Manuscript Submission Deadline
Advanced Networking Technologies for Web 3.0 Third Quarter 2024 Closed
Aerial Computing Networks in 6G First Quarter of 2024 Closed
Research on Power Technology, Economy and Policy Towards Net-Zero Emissions First Quarter 2024 Closed
Next-generation Traffic Measurement with Network-wide Perspective and Artificial Intelligence First Quarter 2024 Closed
AI-driven Cybersecurity for Healthcare Cyber Physical Systems 2022 Closed
The Nexus Between Edge Computing and AI for 6G Networks 2022 Closed
Healthcare Social Analytics 2022 Closed
Computational Intelligence and Advanced Learning for Next-Generation Industrial IoT 2022 Closed
AI-Powered Internet of Everything (IoE) Services in Next-Generation Wireless Networks 2022 Closed
Collaborative Machine Learning for Next-generation Intelligent Applications 2022 Closed
Computing and Networking for Cyber-Physical-Social Systems Closed
AI-Driven 6G Mobile Wireless Networks: Key Enabling Theories, Architectures, Protocols, and Techniques Closed
Communication-Efficient Distributed Machine Learning Closed
Social Computing and Social Internet of Things Closed
Efficient Network Design for Convergence of Deep Learning and Edge Computing Closed
Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Enabled Reconfigurable Wireless Networks Closed
Security and Privacy for AI Models and Applications Closed
Advanced Networking Technologies in the Battle Against the Outbreak of Epidemic Diseases Closed
Intelligence-Empowered Collaboration among Space, Air, Ground, and Sea Mobile Networks towards B5G Closed
Security and Privacy Issues of Smart Network Systems Closed
Artificial Intelligence Security: Adversarial Attack and Defense Closed
Cognitive Software Defined Networks and Applications Closed
Reloading Feature-rich Information Networks Closed
Artificial Intelligence for Social Networks Closed