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Feature Topics

Paper Topic Tentative Publication Date Manuscript Submission Due Date
Trans-Industry Time Synchronization for a Smart Society Closed
5G Security: Can 5G Be Verifiably Secure? Closed
The Evolution of Telecom Business, Economy and Policies Closed
Telecommunication and Network Engineering Education Closed
Secure Wireless Communications for Vehicle-to-Everything Closed
Modern Railways: Communications Systems and Technologies Closed
High-Speed Copper and Coaxial Broadband Closed
Future Internet: Architectures and Protocols Closed
The Quest for Information Centric Networking Closed
Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Wireless Communications Closed
Crowd Management Closed
Multi-Sensory Human Bond Communication Closed
Information-Centric Networking Security Closed
Channel Models and Measurements for 5G Closed
Fog Services and Enabling Technologies Closed

Open Call

This publication track is open to all authors' submissions on any subject that is within the scope of the IEEE Communications Magazine, including manuscripts not fitting any particular Feature Topics (FTs) or Series. These include manuscripts with subjects that belong to overlapping and multiple areas. All submissions that are within the scope of the magazine are welcome.