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As society has become increasingly dependent on communications and networks, being an integral part of most digital systems, cybersecurity has become utmost important. While there have been many improvements, for instance within standardization and adaptation of secure network protocols, there are still many challenges to be solved within the heterogeneous and wide range of current communication systems. In addition, new technology and an evolving threat landscape pose additional challenges.      

This Series covers recent advances in cybersecurity, bringing together industrial and academic research and developments. The Series emphasizes novel but practical solutions and insights of interest to industry, academia and governments. Topics of interest include cybersecurity aspects of networks and communications including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Critical infrastructure security
  • Mobile and wireless communications security
  • Network protocol security
  • Cyber attack prevention, detection, and response
  • Resiliency and availability in communications
  • Security in industrial and cyber physical systems networks/communications
  • Network security monitoring and traffic analysis
  • Network and communications privacy
  • Machine learning and AI for cybersecurity
  • Measurements of cyber security in networks and communications 
  • Cyber threats

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted through the magazine’s submissions website, Manuscript Central. You will need to register and then proceed to the author center. On the manuscript details page, please select Cybersecurity Series from the drop-down menu. Manuscripts should be tutorial in nature and should not be under review for any other conference or journal. They should be written in a style comprehensible and accessible to readers outside the specialty of the article. Mathematical equations should not be used. For detailed submission guidelines please refer to the magazine website for the list of Manuscript Submission Guidelines that must be followed by all submissions to the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Papers can be submitted anytime during the year. They will receive a review process, and, if accepted, they will be published in the first slot available for this Series.

Series Editors

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