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The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to an emerging internet interconnecting sensors, actuators, AR/VR displays, haptic devices, edge-cloud devices, among others. This Series on IoT aims at bringing together the latest industrial and academic research, and development efforts within the rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem. The Series profoundly explores the notion of IoT and its relation to the wider internet, highlights recent activities and achievements therein, and provides insights into the theoretical and practical matters related to breakthroughs in this field. We welcome contributions on topics pertaining to enterprise and industrial IoT, such as critical IoT in smart manufacturing; as well as consumer IoT, such as the internet of senses through XR and the metaverse.

The submissions should be tutorial in nature and significantly advance the state-of-the-art in the topics on IoT, which include:

  • System architecture and protocol design (access, mobility, routing, scalability, etc.)
  • Enabling communication technologies for IoT (e.g., wireless, optical, acoustic, molecular, quantum)
  • IoT-specific radio solutions (NB-IoT in 5G Advanced and 6G, LoRa, etc.)
  • Network programmability, virtualization, software defined networks for IoT
  • Novel Internet of Everything (IoE) paradigms (e.g., Internet of Bio-Nano Things, Internet of Vehicles, Internet of Drones, Internet of Space, Internet of People)
  • Converged communication, computing, and storage technologies for IoT
  • Integrated communication, positioning, navigation, and control in IoT
  • New IoT devices (e.g. AR, VR, haptics, new forms of sensing, etc)
  • IoT acceleration technologies (e.g. quantum, neuromorphic, meta materials)
  • Emerging AI capabilities in the IoT (e.g. federated or one-shot learning)
  • Energy efficiency, energy harvesting, power management, zero-energy IoT devices and green operation
  • Smart objects, devices, environments, middleware, platforms, and tools for IoT applications
  • Emerging applications (e.g., IoT for the metaverse, health, energy, transport, smart city, public safety, Industry 4.0, Society 5.0)
  • Socio-economics, business models (including for Web3.0 in the context of IoT)
  • Security, privacy and ethics in the IoT

This list is not exhaustive: submissions on new and interesting ideas related to Internet of Things are encouraged. If in doubt concerning a submission topic, please, contact Prof. Mischa Dohler.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted through the magazine’s submissions Website, Manuscript Central. You will need to register and then proceed to the author center. On the manuscript details page, please select Internet of Things  from the drop-down menu. Manuscripts should be tutorial in nature and should not be under review for any other conference or journal. They should be written in a style comprehensible and accessible to readers outside the specialty of the article. Mathematical equations should not be used. For detailed submission guidelines please refer to the magazine website for the list of Paper Submission Guidelines that must be followed by all submissions to the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Papers can be submitted anytime during the year. They will receive a review process, and, if accepted, they will be published in the first slot available for this Series.

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