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The Internet, as we know it, constantly evolves. Every month, the volume of carried traffic increases globally. Every year new applications, services and corresponding requirements emerge. To keep up with this growth, over the last decades the capacity of networks has dramatically increased, thanks to advances in optical, cable and wireless communications as well as in networking, routing, switching, computational power and other major technologies. However, the Internet traffic is still growing fast-paced every year, which forces network operators to look for efficient solutions to manage this traffic and further increase network efficiency.

We are still far from what we can achieve. In the foreseeable future, a lot of research will be devoted to improving the Internet, also much beyond what we can imagine now. The objective of the Next-Generation Internet Series is to provide a forum for such new ideas, trends and innovative solutions by attracting papers that deal with the above topics related to the networks of the future. The Series also focuses on the end-user, as topics concerning applications and services are also covered.

The submissions should be tutorial in nature and significantly advance the state-of-the-art in the topics on Internet, which include:

  • emerging Internet applications, services, and their requirements
  • advanced network routing and switching (QoS assurances, multipath transmissions, multihoming, ad-hoc networks)
  • innovative approaches for improving network operation
  • AI-assisted networking (improved operation, zero-touch approach)
  • blockchain in networking
  • quantum Internet, quantum cryptography, quantum computing
  • new technologies in 6G
  • software-defined networking for emerging applications
  • Internet prospects for the future, challenges for network operators, ISPs, content providers and users

This list is not exhaustive: submissions of new and interesting ideas related to the above topics are encouraged.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts must be submitted through the magazine’s submissions Website, the IEEE Author Portal. You will need to register and then proceed to the author center. On the manuscript details page, please select Next-Generation Internet from the drop-down menu. Manuscripts should be tutorial in nature and should not be under review for any other conference or journal. They should be written in a style comprehensible and accessible to readers outside the specialty of the article. Mathematical equations should not be used. For detailed submission guidelines, please refer to the magazine website for the list of Paper Submission Guidelines that must be followed by all submissions to the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Papers can be submitted anytime during the year. They will receive a review process, and, if accepted, they will be published in the first slot available for this Series.

Series Editors

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